A religion which tells you to love and respect your neighbors and your parents, yet is centered around a man nailed to chunks of wood.
Christianity is funny.
A really good religion that is worth to follow but sadly most of the followers are either dumbfucked or fucking plain stupid. They expect everyone to agree to what they say, enjoy what they think is nice and then happily joining them as a Christian. Most of them lacked interpersonal and marketing skills.
Devoted Christians are very much like:

A fuckin persistent salesman that boast how great the product that he's gonna sell to you without any solid proof and insist that you buy his product without doubt. He's gonna sticked to his selling skills 100% even though no one is impressed with it coz he thinks that those that do not believe him are corrupted by Satan.
by Chia May 10, 2005
A strange and dubious set of beliefs designed to destroy Gentile and Indo-European populations by making them weak and feeble while preserving one's (Judaic) race more or less intact.
Christianity is the great Trojan horse of rabbis and Talmudists! 2000 years of incredible damage to Gentiles through the wide-spread effects of self-hatred, emasculation, general enfeeblement and such.
by destouches January 02, 2005
The state's big bad scapegoat.
Damn satanists/politicians anyways...
by Satan is a political whore! February 16, 2005
Based on the teachings of Jesus, who went to India during an 18 year gap to learn Buddhism.

The difference between buddhism and christianity is that Jesus preached to fishermen and Buddha, who predates Jesus by a good 500 years, preached to intellectuals.
The cross is the four noble truths.
by Shaido May 10, 2005
The major religion that's divided the public for eons. The basis of Christianity, developed from Judaism, is actually meant as a set of guidelines to define a standard of living at the time and give followers a sense of hope for doing so. Society rapidly changes throughout time and Christianity should be considered a blueprint, the stepping-stone of being apart of and embracing a community. Unfortunately, it's been heavily tainted in the last few decades by people seeking their own political agendas or profit gains (Or those freakin' door knockers.) and therefore is losing credibility amongst the people as they scramble to find solace in fad religions such as Buddhism where you meditate all your life and amount to nothing. Or even superstitious garbage like Wicca.
"God is love, brotha."
by ih8uplzdie December 29, 2004

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