A really good religion that is worth to follow but sadly most of the followers are either dumbfucked or fucking plain stupid. They expect everyone to agree to what they say, enjoy what they think is nice and then happily joining them as a Christian. Most of them lacked interpersonal and marketing skills.
Devoted Christians are very much like:

A fuckin persistent salesman that boast how great the product that he's gonna sell to you without any solid proof and insist that you buy his product without doubt. He's gonna sticked to his selling skills 100% even though no one is impressed with it coz he thinks that those that do not believe him are corrupted by Satan.
by Chia May 10, 2005
The state's big bad scapegoat.
Damn satanists/politicians anyways...
by Satan is a political whore! February 16, 2005
Based on the teachings of Jesus, who went to India during an 18 year gap to learn Buddhism.

The difference between buddhism and christianity is that Jesus preached to fishermen and Buddha, who predates Jesus by a good 500 years, preached to intellectuals.
The cross is the four noble truths.
by Shaido May 10, 2005
The major religion that's divided the public for eons. The basis of Christianity, developed from Judaism, is actually meant as a set of guidelines to define a standard of living at the time and give followers a sense of hope for doing so. Society rapidly changes throughout time and Christianity should be considered a blueprint, the stepping-stone of being apart of and embracing a community. Unfortunately, it's been heavily tainted in the last few decades by people seeking their own political agendas or profit gains (Or those freakin' door knockers.) and therefore is losing credibility amongst the people as they scramble to find solace in fad religions such as Buddhism where you meditate all your life and amount to nothing. Or even superstitious garbage like Wicca.
"God is love, brotha."
by ih8uplzdie December 29, 2004
A. In the USA: A dangerous political movement dominated by right-wing conservative extremists and fanatics who use religion as a smoke-screen to intimidate, manipulate, control and hurt people and our government. They are bent on destroying our democracy and replacing it with a theocracy to have us live much like an oppressive country such as Iran where people have few if any rights and laws are dictated by religious leaders. They bully mainstream politicians much like gangsters to do their bidding and frequently take tirades when they don't get their way and make threats like in the Terri Schiavo case.

B. Describes an organizaton of usually mentally unstable social terrorists or fascists who try to dupe people into believing they only are following the will of god to justify their atrocious actions. They seek to take away your civil rights or deny them to you by manipulating the Republican party, through special legislation in Congress, amending state and federal constitutions, by manipulating the courts or pushing for ballot initiatives to decide your rights when all else fails. Their tactics and goals are much like the Nazi party's in Germany during WWII in regards to the Jews except they can't get away with mass murder here or establish concentration camps for groups they marginalize and detest. At least not yet.

C. Something that oppresses and marginalizes. Something that is intolerant. Something that imposes itself on your life like it or not. Something that is often in your face and shoved down your throat. Something that typically shows little if any compassion, love, respect or care for people that are different.

D. A religion whose followers mistakenly think they can invoke as an excuse to justify their actions against other people. They arrogantly believe their faith in itself trumps anything else including your privacy, civil rights or saftey. It's followers often use select bible passages to hurt others and justify their obnoxious behavior!

E. A religious movement of fanatics that thinks it can justify bombing abortion clinics or gay bars and killing innocent people in the name of faith much like a Muslim may think their faith justifies sucide-bombings that kill innocent people for different political reasons. They often like to scapegoat people. They pretend to fight for democracy while actually doing everything in their power to destroy or undermine it. They want people to be tolerant of them but refuse to tolerate anything or anyone that they claim is against their religious beliefs.
Everthing is Black and white to them. There is no compromise. They often try and justify their actions as freedom of religion and free speech while doing all in their power to stifle the free speech of people that disagree with them.
Christianity threatens our democracy by its followers attempts to replace it with a theocracy of the religious elite.

The Neo-nazis, KKK and militia men call themselves followers of christianity and use it to justify the horrific acts they commit against racial minorities, Jews and gays.

Hitler said he was like Jesus, a messiah of christianity fighting against the communists and Jews in Europe and the world. He subsequently murdered millions while many church leaders including the pope looked the other way to appease the Nazis and keep their power.

The fanatical christian preacher and his followers callously picketed the funeral of a gay man that was murdered holding up signs that read...GOD HATES FAGS and SODOMITES BURN IN HELL...all while the dead man's family and friends looked on in disgust and disbelief. A fine example of christianity and its compassion for others.

Christianity is responsible for the deaths of many people often women burned as witches who threatened the male-dominated hierarchy of the church!

Jews and Muslims who refused to convert or were accused of practicing their relgion in secret after converting to christianity were frequently tortured, forced into exile or murdered!

Homosexuals were frequently murdered by the church. Burning them at the stake was the typical form of execution because of the intolerance, ignorance and lack of compassion of christianity! The Knights Templar were murdered by the Pope and a European king for practicing homosexuality but in reality the murderers feared their power and wanted their gold!
by The actual and factual truth October 26, 2005
The largest and only true religion in the world. It currently consists of well over 2 BILLION people all over the globe, including the Middle East. Most Christians are dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the word of God in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Just because of several million violent, hate-filled Christians who perform the kinds of acts they do, it doesn't mean that every single Christian (and definitely not the majority) are like the negative, ignorant, and destructive kinds of people that you stereotype them as. It is wrong to stereotype an entire worldwide religion and its people because of the actions of a few. And for those of you calling us hate-filled, homophobic, and violent; just keep in mind what the Muslims are doing over in the Middle East. Unlike them, we do not abuse and oppress our women (except for a very few terrible men). We believe in the sanctity of life, and we don't go out murdering and exterminating those of another religion or those who have no religion. In addition, we do not impede on the progress of scientific study as also falsely-claimed by many millions. Have you never heard of Gregor Mendel, the Catholic clergyman who discovered genetics in experiments with pea plants? That man is probably the finest example of how Christians actually promote the advancements in science, especially since many of those advancements lead to the saving of lives.
For those of you calling we Christians close-minded, redneck, hick, fascist, nazi, Republican (not that that's derogatory, by the way), gay-basher, warmonger, hypocrite, retard, Bible banger and many other, far more profane names and labels, perhaps you're not that open-minded yourselves. So, who's the REAL hypocrite?
by A Midwestern Christian March 27, 2005
THE ONE AND ONLY FAITH THAT IS NOT FALSE AND WILL ACTUALLY GET YOU INTO HEAVEN FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!!! (And it's really, really, really easy to do...) All you have to do is

1.) Ask Jesus to come into your life,
2.) Just sincerely ask Jesus' forgiveness for your sins. (All people are sinners, and nobody is better than anyone else. All people are equal. However, Christians have been wiped clean by the HOLY blood of Christ and are therefore sinless and blameless in the eyes of God.)
3.)Admit that you believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to earth and died for your sins of His own free will. (IE: He didn't have to die for you, but he CHOSE to because His love for you lasts FOREVER!!!!)
4.) Do your best to live a life according to the Bible. This doesn't mean that if you accidentally stumble every now and then that you are doomed to an eternity in hell; instead, it means that God will forgive ANYTHING that you have done in the past, present or future!! It doesn't matter if you've raped a girl, killed an senior citizen, etc... GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU!! I GUARANTEE IT!!!! If you dont believe me, try the steps above, and see if you dont immediately feel the peace and love of God descending upon you and covering your entire body!!! TEST ME!! (You have to be sincere when you ask His forgiveness though, or nothing will happen. God is not one to be mocked.)
REPORTER: So, God... Which religion is the only way out of an eternity in the lake of fire?
GOD: That's easy. Christianity of course!
by Salvation for ALL PEOPLE. August 25, 2006

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