Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship with Jesus himself. If we were to all have a relationship with Jesus, then the world would be a better place. No wars, or racism, no crap music, no murders, or suicides, or anything else you can come up with.
Accept Jesus into your heart and have him as your friend, and you shall forever be changed...
by Dylan Devisser July 25, 2005
Actually,it's not based on rules and restrictions.It's rule is love"
just so much as its loving someone of the opposite sex but same religon/denomination. so for people of the lower IQ:
its loving people of the same everything except genitals.
CHRISTIANITY: just another vauge oxymoron
by Mediaptera January 02, 2005
The best religion of them all.

God has the power and he will save you as long as you believe in him! God, along with his crucified son Jesus will try to make peace on the Earth.

Though this beautiful mission is very hard to fulfill because of another very idiotic religion, who brainwashes its followers, called islam! The mission will be fulfilled.

Islam is the source of all bad on the Earth. It results in terrorism and every muslim (a follower of Islam) is a terrorist - sadly enough!

Allah (the god of islam) is worshiped like the christian god (God), but they are not the same because the do not repersent the same qualities! God is beautiful, Allah is satan!

Islam and Christianity will never agree with each other.
This hostility has resulted in many wars throughout the history of humanity.

Don't be fooled by islam!

God will help you the trough hard times! He will be grateful if you are grateful of his presence. God will love you if you love him!

If christianity "ruled" the world - there would a peace!
"Christianity is beautiful"

"Terrorists is alway muslims"
by The Crusader of God's true luv November 05, 2011
A cult formed by men nearly 2000 years ago. The original group comprised of mainly homosexuals. 12 men sitting around holding hands, and hiding from women. Mordern day advocates include Rev. Ted Haggard, who enjoyed not only preaching christianity, but the meeting with a male prostitute and snorting meth and truly practicing it. Some followers have gotten confused and forgot of the medievil religious male orgies and choose to believe that homosexuality is evil. These people don't realize women are the true evil, and if not for them we could still be in paradise.
I rested my head in the small of his back, "god bless christianity!" I huffed and wiping the sweat from his back off my lips.
by York Underwood November 17, 2006
A religion that spouted off of judaism 100-200 years before the year 0. They believe in Jesus christ being the son of god, and that if you dont believe that you are going to hell. Some christians have decided to be more lax and say only SOME people are going to hell. Some Uber-christians hate everyone who isnt exactly like them, but tries to prech peace and tolerance. Although many believe Christianity to be a monotheistic religion, in all actuality it would be called a duo-theistic religion because they have two gods.
Mary was only a half virgin, but so she could father the founder of christianity was told: "You can suck all the dick you want and still be a virgin... MARY!"
~Excerpt from "Mr. Hankeys Christmas Classics"
by Incinerator1990 April 08, 2006
A religion which tells you to love and respect your neighbors and your parents, yet is centered around a man nailed to chunks of wood.
Christianity is funny.

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