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it's a religion that worships one god and all things nice and good. however, it was ruined by corrupt city officials putting bad messages in the bible, rabid followers starting huge wars over a nonexistent god, the idea that humans have to be "saved" because eve "ate the apple" or some dumb shit like that, the belief that all people who are not white straight christians should be killed and go to hell, etc. christians are known for their hatred, not the good and love they claim to practice. in short, complete blasphemy and If i could press a button to emliminate all the christianity in the world, i would do it. And all the ex-christians would thank me for freeing them from their unenlightened cult-like ways.
christianity is bullshit that says you are going to hell if:

you are not christian
you are gay
you look in the mirror too much
you eat too much
you have sex out of supposed "wedlock"
you don't do their hocus-pocus rituals
you exhibit any behavior which threatens the stability of their cult
you have an easy job
you don't kill any of the people mentioned above
you don't believe in god

gosh there's so many more i don't wanna bother.
by eric, or gavroche April 28, 2006
A religion that claims it is superior to all others and that only those who believe in its message will be saved from burning in an eternal fire. A religion that sugar codes everything and has a double standard for almost everything non-christian. A religion that has persecuted non-christians for centuries, especially Jews and blames Jews for the death of Jesus and continues to do so. A religion that feels the need to shove its principles down everyone's throats in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. A religion that for the most part praises christian missionaries who travel to third world countries, not to help the people in need, but to convert them instead. Christian Missionaries all over the world are not building shelters or centers or hospitals to help the sick, the poor and the wounded instead they are building churches and are using your donations to preach the gospel. A belief in religious superiority is to blame for historical religious persecution and even today is still at the core of antisemitism, terrorism, racism, sexism, extremism, homophobia and ethnic cleansing.
The bible only is clear on its message of concerning those who believe differently, yet it contradicts itself whenever it is used to promote love an tolerance for all mankind. Science alone has contradicted the bible and continues to do so with facts instead of theories.
Christianity believes it is the one true religion and the only path to God.
by SonicEmpire May 26, 2006
A religion that draws jesus but in the bible but never seen him.
i like christianity its 10% fake.
by alia2u March 13, 2007
A religion that could coexist with others (Satanism)if not for the stupidity and ignorance of some of its followers. Promotes love, tolerance, and bestowing love to all, worthy or not, while Satanism focuses on more human urges. If someone spills their drink on you on purpose, you turn the other cheek and pray for them (Christianity). If someone spills their drink on you on purpose, break your glass upon their head (Satanism). Satanism promotes revenge while Christianity promotes tolerance. Long story short, believe what you want but don't force your believes on me or insult mine. Revenge comes quick and without failure.
Me- Hey, aren't you new here? Want me to show you around?
Christian Bible Thumper- You're that Satanist guy! Christianity is the only true religion, accept it or burn in The Pit <dun dun dun>.Don't get any closer or I'll through Holy Water at you!
Me- Ok well I guess I'll be getting to class now.
Christian Bible Thumper throws holy water at me and succeeds in staining my shirt.
I break his arm.

^True story, minus the Holy Water, replaced original liquid with Holy Water for effect^
by H00ker_Hunter April 03, 2006
A religion created by Constantine the Great, a roman ceasar around 400 AD, modeled after the Pagan religion from which he ascribed. Taking a "prophet," one Jesus Christ, he created a divine being for the sole purpose to control both church and state. Or in other words, for money.
christianity is a hoax
by skinanbones08 March 08, 2005
A belief that apparently is:- so out dated, so disproven by science which of course is never wrong, untrendy, redundant.
Yet there are over SIXTY descriptions of it here and of course........you have taken the trouble to read this.

The Bible is still the world's number one selling book
Christianity? The cause of all wars...blah blah....they only devised it to control the masses....blah blah....That
Da Vincci Bloke he got it all worked out.....blah blah....
my mate who's doing philosophy at Yooooooniversity he 'says'.....etc blah blah ad nauseum.

Actually.....I think I'll grow up a bit and hear the other side of the story, I'll read the Bible and try an Alpha Course before I go blowing my arse out the window.
by brucester September 16, 2006
The dying religion in which a supposed "Savior" (Jesus Christ) was nailed to a cross because he was good at pissing off the romans and jews. Something that they may not tell you about Christianity: a few hundred years ago, the catholic church burned scientists at the stake because they found out what really happens with rainbows, why ice floats, why the story of Noah and the Ark could not have possibly happened, etc.

The religion that is completely ruled out by science.
Christian: Jesus died for your sins be grateful damnit!! I am completely ready to die for my beliefs because I know the TRUTH. You should be like me and give every dollar you earn to the church.
Normal Person: you know that when you die, you rot in the ground right?
Christian: That's bullshit. You may not, but I'm going to heaven because I've got Jesus in my heart.
Normal Person: wait wait wait. If your "christ" is real, then make him do something to prove it.
Christian: No! That's blasphemy! Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God!
Normal Person: Well if you're gonna puss out...
Christian: Fine. *prays for forgiveness* what did you have in mind?
Normal Person: If there's a god, he'll make a lightning bolt flash across the sky.
10 minutes later
Normal Person: see? I told you
Christian: Fuck you man! I've got faith!!
Normal Person: *walks away* oh my fucking god...what an idiot
by Used to be Christian March 09, 2005