a religion that contradicts itself in its first idea.
says its monotheistic but actually pagan.
based on altered/changed message of Jesus.
at least 90% of the bible is not Jesus' real message.
genocides have been commited in its name because the white man was omni-important.
christian: Jesus rocks!
me: so who is ur God.
christian: Jesus Christ.
me: but i thought u said he was the son of God.
christian: ya that too.
me: so hes the son of himself?
christian: no the son of God.
me: ok ok i think i got it hes the son of God but hes also a God.
christian: guess so..
me: so its paganism.

now i dunno if it actually states in the bible that Jesus is the Lord but thats the idea christians seem to have.
by justathought May 19, 2006
biggest and longest livin lie in the world.. that ppl r willing 2 die 4 and pay money 2
1) beckyy:why dnt u read the bible if ur bored
robb: why dnt u go read hitler's mein kampf tat full of ridictulous lies 2
becky: i thought you were Christian and believed in Christianity

robb: y would i believe lies?
robb exactly.....
by geannie005 May 11, 2009
A religion that claims it is superior to all others and that only those who believe in its message will be saved from burning in an eternal fire. A religion that sugar codes everything and has a double standard for almost everything non-christian. A religion that has persecuted non-christians for centuries, especially Jews and blames Jews for the death of Jesus and continues to do so. A religion that feels the need to shove its principles down everyone's throats in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. A religion that for the most part praises christian missionaries who travel to third world countries, not to help the people in need, but to convert them instead. Christian Missionaries all over the world are not building shelters or centers or hospitals to help the sick, the poor and the wounded instead they are building churches and are using your donations to preach the gospel. A belief in religious superiority is to blame for historical religious persecution and even today is still at the core of antisemitism, terrorism, racism, sexism, extremism, homophobia and ethnic cleansing.
The bible only is clear on its message of concerning those who believe differently, yet it contradicts itself whenever it is used to promote love an tolerance for all mankind. Science alone has contradicted the bible and continues to do so with facts instead of theories.
Christianity believes it is the one true religion and the only path to God.
by SonicEmpire May 26, 2006
The belief that a cosmic jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you systematically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat a magic apple.
Christianity is crazier than the people who practice it.
by Mr. Barker October 11, 2007
A religion that draws jesus but in the bible but never seen him.
i like christianity its 10% fake.
by alia2u March 13, 2007
A belief that apparently is:- so out dated, so disproven by science which of course is never wrong, untrendy, redundant.
Yet there are over SIXTY descriptions of it here and of course........you have taken the trouble to read this.

The Bible is still the world's number one selling book
Christianity? The cause of all wars...blah blah....they only devised it to control the masses....blah blah....That
Da Vincci Bloke he got it all worked out.....blah blah....
my mate who's doing philosophy at Yooooooniversity he 'says'.....etc blah blah ad nauseum.

Actually.....I think I'll grow up a bit and hear the other side of the story, I'll read the Bible and try an Alpha Course before I go blowing my arse out the window.
by Brucester September 16, 2006
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