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Nothing more than a Jewish sect with borrowed pagan holidays that got too popular for its own good.
Christianity has raped and destroyed the cultures of people around the world, and now they're feeling the backlash.

Why are they so surprised?
by ,,, November 14, 2006
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What killed 90% of North America's native people.
Christianity is genocide!
Source: 1349 Fan, Mar

That's a damnable lie!

Many of the early Europeans who migrated here and many of our nation's founding fathers were NOT Christians.There were lots of Deists and rationalists and occultists and they were actually very anti-Christian!
Oh well,history has been so twisted and people are so dumb nowdays that they believe the government and reject god.
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A great religion that is either misunderstood by ignorant morons or maligned by malevolent assholes.Sometimes a combination of both.Sometimes in the 'guise' of a believer.
Christianity has been much maligned unfairly ever since those Enlightenment assholes who weren't any better than those Dark Ages assholes.Infact they're the same assholes.
by JESUS IS THE MESSIAH December 05, 2005
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biggest and longest livin lie in the world.. that ppl r willing 2 die 4 and pay money 2
1) beckyy:why dnt u read the bible if ur bored
robb: why dnt u go read hitler's mein kampf tat full of ridictulous lies 2
becky: i thought you were Christian and believed in Christianity

robb: y would i believe lies?
robb exactly.....
by geannie005 May 11, 2009
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dum shit
christianity is dum shit
by dumshitchristianity August 08, 2008
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The belief that a cosmic jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you systematically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat a magic apple.
Christianity is crazier than the people who practice it.
by Mr. Barker October 11, 2007
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a religion that contradicts itself in its first idea.
says its monotheistic but actually pagan.
based on altered/changed message of Jesus.
at least 90% of the bible is not Jesus' real message.
genocides have been commited in its name because the white man was omni-important.
christian: Jesus rocks!
me: so who is ur God.
christian: Jesus Christ.
me: but i thought u said he was the son of God.
christian: ya that too.
me: so hes the son of himself?
christian: no the son of God.
me: ok ok i think i got it hes the son of God but hes also a God.
christian: guess so..
me: so its paganism.

now i dunno if it actually states in the bible that Jesus is the Lord but thats the idea christians seem to have.
by justathought May 19, 2006
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