For Christianity, see lie
Christianity is bullshit
by Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ January 31, 2008
A religion that is based on the belief that if three old men tell you that a baby is God, you must believe them. Enspecially because God would NEVER skip the aging process and become an adult when manifesting himself.
Christian Child: Christianity is my religion because my mommy and daddy told me so.
by Taco Wiz September 17, 2007
A religion that has probably caused the death of more people than anything else in human history.
Christianity was a good idea 1000 years ago, but this is the 21st century! Religion is outmoded!
by SoCalTeen December 21, 2006
Another religion that is based on blind faith and is nothing more than a cult.
"Hey, do you believe in Christianity?"
"Naw man, that's just another one of those cults."
by Mr. Nem October 05, 2006
A bad excuse to discriminate against homosexuals.
Jesus says that gays burn and Hell and seeing that I can't think for myself and I have to follow a book written 2,000 years ago, I think I'll go along with that belief! Yay for christianity!
by Mnor August 19, 2006
a religion for people who were either brainwashed as children, ignorant, dumb as hell, or afraid to believe that maybe there isn't a god always looking out for you. And many of them are in denial about the millions of people that have been tortured and killed over it. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
if i ever succumb to christianity, i seriously hope someone chops my balls off.
by your soon to be ruler August 09, 2005
A cult that has done no more good than bad. Even though it was written long ago, that is no reason people should accept it as a "Moral compass."
Christianity makes no more sense than Scientology or any other cult out there.

Don't they have a comet to catch?
by Iamadicktoday January 01, 2011

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