A religion, prominent in the Western world, and spread elsewhere largely through conquest. Spread into many denominations as to increase convenience for the followers, who often follow only because everybody else does.

Christianity supports the theory that a platonic divine overlord (commonly referred to as "God") created the Earth and presides over it, and, in fact, involves himself in the daily lives of "his people". Oftentimes Christians pray as to gain the assistance of God. According to Christianity, Jesus was a messiah (and the son of God, who in turn died on a cross as to "atone for the sins of humans", however that connects....), spreading the word of God through miraculous actions and largely philosophical, profound dialogues. His actions and dialogues can be found in the Bible, the religious book (similar to the Koran or Torah)of the Christians.

With the Enlightenment, as a higher level of thinking was achieved, atheists (people who do not believe in divinity) began to arise, later creating a conclusive theory involving the creation of the Earth that does not involve divine precedence.

As technology spreads and thinking broadens, more atheists arise, and oftentimes are met fiercely with Christians, who, as a result, violate their own principles in an effort to justify their insecurities regarding their beliefs.

Christianity should not be hated. It spreads a good message, usually along the lines of "be nice all the time". If anything should be feared, it should be the followerrs of the religion, who are marked by hypocrisy,fanaticism, and violence (though this is not always the case).
"Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (though they call him Allah) all believe in God."

"Christianity has often been criticized for being false and outdated, yet has long withstanded pressure and will likely never collapse."
by Dude with an opinion July 09, 2007
A cult that has done no more good than bad. Even though it was written long ago, that is no reason people should accept it as a "Moral compass."
Christianity makes no more sense than Scientology or any other cult out there.

Don't they have a comet to catch?
by Iamadicktoday January 01, 2011
Man's worst invention.
It is wrong in almost every way.
It's an invasive religion, that is weak because of the non-believers are supposedly "dangerous".
Christianity is the religion of anti-gay, and has caused 90% of all humans to hate gays.
Christian: "Hey! Jesus Loves Us!"
Good Person: "No! You damn Christian! Get the Fuck out!"
by Nigga2DaResQ June 05, 2010
The youngest of the religions to use the same common equation.

Take someone who is supposedly the son of god, he lamb of god,(or one of the many names Jesus christ was given.) Make his birth a virgin birth on December 25. Give him special powers. Add 12 more people to the mix (Disciples, students, hookers). A betrayer who turns on the 'Son Of God'. Crucify him, wait three days for his resurrection and BAM...you get Radical (2492.683) over 9673.

If their are any holidays based around this beings life than take them out with the pleasure of getting to put up a tree for the beings life (any tree will do. Just remember, if it's a Palm tree is it now {Insert Religion Here} Tree.) And painting some form of food with food dye and vinegar. Don't forget the presents.

Christianity - A religion in which plagiarism has been used...for like the hundredth time. It's sad, you think people back two thousand and some odd years ago would have more imagination. The fact that they took the idea from several religions (all of which were based on different religions them self which were in turn based on different religions...etc...) and then made it one of the most respected religions in the world is beyond me.

Why can't I do shit like that for my homework without getting in trouble?
Sinning is a sin
Stealing is a sin
Christianity is a sin...
by MoRPHiNe April 04, 2008
Christianity is a religion based around a woman who has never had sex that has a baby who can do magic tricks and spies on everyone at once.
Crazy Man 1: I killed kennedy by firing invisible missiles out of my anus.

Crazy Man 2: At night I talk to this one guy who walked around freaking people out with magic thousands of years ago and probably had sex before his biological mother.

Crazy Man 1: Oh that sounds like christianity

Crazy Man 2 stabs himself in the eye with an invisible knife for the remainder of the encounter.
by Jesus is February 19, 2008
A religion that is based on the belief that if three old men tell you that a baby is God, you must believe them. Enspecially because God would NEVER skip the aging process and become an adult when manifesting himself.
Christian Child: Christianity is my religion because my mommy and daddy told me so.
by Taco Wiz September 17, 2007
A religion that has probably caused the death of more people than anything else in human history.
Christianity was a good idea 1000 years ago, but this is the 21st century! Religion is outmoded!
by SoCalTeen December 21, 2006

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