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Another religion that is based on blind faith and is nothing more than a cult.
"Hey, do you believe in Christianity?"
"Naw man, that's just another one of those cults."
by Mr. Nem October 05, 2006
195 201
A bad excuse to discriminate against homosexuals.
Jesus says that gays burn and Hell and seeing that I can't think for myself and I have to follow a book written 2,000 years ago, I think I'll go along with that belief! Yay for christianity!
by Mnor August 19, 2006
97 103
not a religion, but a relationship with the loving God of the universe who created us in his image. God sent his only Son Jesus, as a man, who lived a blameless life, the one man who didn't deserve to die, to be crucified for the sins of every man who was, is, and will live. through this sacrafice, we can enjoy a wonderful relationship with God. all you have to do is ask for forgiveness and believe Jesus died and rose again on the 3rd day. Salvation is a gift that not one of us deserves but is given freely!
Christianity has allowed me to live a Glorious life, full of healings, love, and prosperity!
by ROOOGAN October 17, 2005
55 61
One of the world's dominant religions, combining the philosophy of the Greeks with pagan practices and the moral rigor of Judaism, centered around the teachings of Jesus (Yeshua).

Christian theology has ingeniously solved the dilemma of mercy and justice and provided the basis for equality before the law, appreciation of science and education, and the addition of a moral basis to political structures, and the truest rationale for human rights.

Many of the ant-christian intellectual elite would like us to believe, however, that before Christianity, mankind lived a peaceful and idyllic existence without corruption, bigotry, or warfare.
Those angry about Christianity are often using christian standards of right and wrong.
by Killing Kittens December 02, 2004
65 71
A relationship with Christ, commonly viewed as narrow-minded by non-believers who think its real funny to insult people with obscene references over the Internet. Big man.
I'll pray for you, because although I think you're a moron, I'm supposed to love you.
by Chris July 16, 2003
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A religion that caused the crusades, the age of scientific oppression, homophobia, creationism and plenty of genocides.
The bible contains some rediculous rules:
1. You can't be gay
2. You can't have long hair
3. A woman must serve her husband (i.e a woman is inferior to a man)
4. A woman can't lead
5. Loads more

It's a religion based on fear. Disobey it and you go to hell. It also created creationism, the theory of Noah's ark, both of which have been disproven time and time again yet there's so many idiots following it that they cling to their rediculous beliefs. And it fails to mention that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice.

Don't get me wrong, most Christians are good people but the religion is deeply flawed.
Redneck: Stupid fags ur goin to hell! Follow God or go to hell! Don't vote for Hillary or go to hell! Cut your hair or go to hell! Believe in creationism or go to hell! Follow Christianity or go to hell! Now let's go kill some fuckin' queers and lynch a nigga before we go and blow up the abortion clynic!

Good Christian: 1. Thou shalt not swear 2. Thou shall not kill 3. Respect and love your neighbour

Redneck: (struggles not to shout out he is just a violent ignorant person who needs to vent out his natural anger at everything) Err...Ermmm...Fuck u ur goin ta hayelll!!!
by Fat Fee June 22, 2010
29 36
The cult that won.
Various people many thousands of years ago invented a cult called Christianity that allowed them to gain political and personal power by taking advantage of the masses gullibility. This cult has gained more political power, and taken advantage of more people than any other cult ever created, and thus is the most successful. People also now call it a religion, because that's how you legitimize large cults.
by Richard West August 21, 2009
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