Yes, vaginas like music too.
Satan has a good reason to hate Christian rock.
by shutupshutupshutup May 18, 2007
an irratating noise that buzzes in your head forever and ever that makes you feel numb and psychotic.
After an hour of listening to Christion Rock, Cassie tried to tear her ears off with a knife... yeah its that bad!
by darkchocolate May 13, 2005
Really Bad Music !!!
Christian Rock is Smelly
by Ann-Onymous July 27, 2005
A cheap form of music where people try their hardest to sound like the rock band Creed using lyrics that reference the Christian religion and fail epically!
Dude: I like Creed.

Fag: Aren't they christian rock.

Dude: Go to hell!
by TomBosley January 29, 2009
Although some believe otherwise, rock is a sound and not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rock is made possible. Most good Christian rock addresses real issues like suicide, partying, backstabbing "friends," death, broken families, sex, murder, etc.--but all from a Christian view. It doesn't ignore the world and the themes of secular rock. It just has them with a twist that often points the listener to Jesus. Some say that only secular rock is "real". I say secular rock goes around in circles, while Christian rock points you in the right direction. Do you want to go around in circles, or would you prefer to find meaning in life and accomplish something?
Some Christian rock sounds as good as secular rock or better. And if you think the words "Christian" and "rock" don't belong together, how about the words "Christian punk"?
by RockOn! September 03, 2005
The people above me obviously have assumed that because this type of music is Christian, it's stupid and for "pansies". They couldn't be more deaf. If they had ever heard P.O.D,Kutless, Skillet, Twelve Stones (did duet w/ Evenescence for Daredevil and went on tour w/ them), Thousand Foot Crutch, or even Jeremy Camp which is softer rock, they would know they were completely wrong. Just because Christian Rock isn't full of hate and slander, doesn't mean it's lower quality or even that it delivers a straight message of "don't fight back" either. Some of this music's lyrics is just as full of angst that fills secular rock. Only the angst is delivered against those who blindly attack Christians, and cries in compassion for their loss. The rest of the music justly praises our awesome God, and deals with the struggles of being a Christian...because being a Christian doesn't take a pansy.
Look up the mentioned bands and see for yourself before you label blindly.
by Kutlessfan September 05, 2004
god rocker: yeah god is awesome!!!!!

everyone else: shut the fuck up
by angel face November 04, 2004

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