Someone who celebrates Christmas. In the broad scope of modern day America, anyone who celebrates the Christmas holiday by exchanging presents or putting up any form of Christmas decorations, is a Christian. To a lesser degree, anyone who celebrates Easter by boiling, coloring, or hunting for Easter eggs, can also consider themselves Christian.
People who celebrate Christmas, Santa Claus, Easter, or the Easter Bunny, in any way, are Christians.
by Doug Klast February 14, 2008
A person who has a relationship with the one true God and is saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and believes in Him.
Christianity IS NOT a RELIGION.
It is a relationship, if you know what i mean, but most probably don't, which is sad.
Catholicism is not Christianity, which many mistake it for or the "same as."
If you take Jesus Christ out of Christianity, than it doesn't make sense. If you take allah out of muslim or buddha out of buddhism or if you take ANY leader out of that particular religion and you do that with ALL the other religions that exist in the world, than all of it's "rules" or "foundations" or whatever still make sense based on it's belief, which would be a false belief anyway.
Christianity is true, all other beliefs or religions aren't, because what do they base their faith on?
by Jenkins Stephany August 04, 2007
A person who believes in the teachings of Christ. Christianity was originally canonized and collated by the Roman Catholic Church. In the late 1500s, Henry VIII of England split with the Church and founded a Protestant Church. Later offshoots of this Protestant faith reached America and gave rise to the large number of different denominations and sects of Christian faith.

Statistics indicate that Christianity is the religion with the largest number of believers worldwide.

Christianity shares many facets of faith alongside the other Abrahamic faiths Judaism and Islam. All are monotheistic, all stress kindness to your fellow men, and all faiths maintain that the path to true happiness lies in devotion to God and the adherence to guidelines set out in canonical texts, whether these be the Old Testament, the New Testament, or the Quran.
"I can't seem to get any water out of my faucet and the bathtub backs up with dirty smelly water. I've tried Draino and Clorox and nothing works. I think I should call a Christian."

"Dude, don't you mean a plumber."

"Actually yeah you're right. I need a plumber."
by HMB April 07, 2003
Someone with meaning in their lives. Someone who can feel God's presence, and know without proof that he exists everywhere. Someone who realizes that Evolution is just a theory, and has many more flaws than Christianity. Someone who knows that God sent his son to die for his creations, and yet those creations torment and refuse to beleive he even exists, and takes no pleasure in sending his people to hell. To those who say Christians are stupid, realize that real christians will help everyone they can, and be willign to give up all they have. A christian is somebody who realizes that a little faith can go a long way. Someone who fears God so they don't have to fear anything in life. a complete person. A Christian embodies love. A person who does not hate, no matter what.
Homeless person: sir, do you have any money to spare
Christian: No.. you need not money, you need food. Here, follow me to the nearest restaurant and buy whatever you like, on me.
by Dave prot December 07, 2007
a depress person who believe's in god, but loves to pick fights with his girlfriends sister.
but a all round good person
"christian go home"
by KArli bug December 03, 2008
ugly whore with a disease also known as a CTD.
which stands for christian transmitted disease.

No one likes Christian.
Everyone thinks shes annoying and everyone talks behind her back.
That fucking christian!
by anonymous in your pants December 29, 2007
A selfish asshole who likes to cheat on his girlfriends. Enjoys flirting with other girls to make his girlfriend jealous, and sits on his computer playing League of Legends all day. Only dates girls that are easy, and have low self esteem so that he can boost his ego and get some action. Abuses women, but gets away with it because of his good looks and charming sense of humor and personality.
You don't ever want to end up being like Christian.
by Annoyed girl September 16, 2014

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