Christianity:One of the most popular religions in western society. It is looked down on by many AND thought highly of by many too. Christianity wouldn't be as looked down upon by non-christians IF the ALL people IN the religion knew how to control what they say about other religions and such.
Radical christians and groups of christians are the absolute (sp?) worst of the worst and example see christian attack OR westboro baptist church.
Most are well mannered and won't be rude to people that don't share their beliefs BUT there are a good number that will preach and try to get you to convert.
The religion itself is based around the bible. Which for all we know could have been written by somebody on and acid trip.
If you think about it, it's much like satanism only the exact opposite. They both believe in a diety (sp?) that can't be proven exists, practice rituals like praying and chants and stuff. And they both have the symbols to represent (sp?) them (cross and INVERTED pentagram).
The limits of the christian people are endless and constantly added to. Seriously, they can't be listed there's too many!
Hardcore christian: OMGosh! you don't believe in god!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL YOU BAD PERSON WHO WORSHIPS MR. EVILPANTS!!!!
me myself and I: i don't believe in god because there isn't enough (sp?) evidence to prove he/she/whatever exists. i ALSO don't believe in SATAN NOT mr. evilpants or the devil because those aren't the real names for him/her/whatever for the same reasons.
hardcore christian: WHATEVER BURN IN HELL FAG.
by ms. randompants February 24, 2008
a very handsome man, who will always be by your side no matter what, faithful honest and responsible, in other words YOUR dream guy
He sounds like a christian
by {:-)-]--[ February 16, 2010
-Stuck up, spoiled, immature, metrosexual college kid who goes to a school with a 3:1 guy-girl ratio.
-Cannot leave his room without applying hair gel and bathing in cheap cologne.
-Brags about his beer pong and raslin prowesses to anyone that will listen.
-Does not hesitate to hit females.
-Crudely and awfully attempts to emulate the personalities of others around him.
-Has not gone a weekend without his mother stopping by the dorm.
-Convicted bro-rapist
-Pizza bandit
-Better eyebrows than David Hasselhoff
-Wears the same stupid a&f shirt to parties cuz it worked on one middle school
-Only physical activity is a cheap pussy ass immatation of kung fu called vale tudo..."the UFC fighting man!"
-Spends 10 hours a day playing some shitty MMORPG
-Laughs like a emphazemic old woman
-Contemplates nestling his popped collars
-Currently half pops his collars
-Jumps when shootin pong (the fairy hop)
-Makes poor old relatives wait in his dorm while he finishes homework
-Refuses to leave the room when his roomate has his beautiful girlfriend over for the weekend
-Certified hallway roamer
Dude, when I was just sittin in my room doing my homework the other day, I smelt Christian's signature cologne seeping under my door and my ass cheeks accordingly clenched like a vice grip.
by Captain_Morgan September 24, 2007
Good looking guy both inside and out with a great personality. Fun to be around because he always makes you laugh...acts like a BIG KID!!! =P Sports loving fan. He is responsible and honest, faithful and loves children. Any girl would be lucky to be with him.
If you don't have a Christian, get one soon cause they go fast. Each sold seperatly shipping and handling not included...sometimes, ha ha ;)
by Princesa Leia May 04, 2010
Believes there's a man in the sky... what more is there to say?
Christian: I'm a Christian

Non-christian: Dude... that sucks

Christian: Wha-? It's not a disease, if that's what you think.

Non-christian: *sobs* I'm so sorry!
by copernicusmike September 06, 2007
Someone who likes to convert or lecture others because they don't follow their religion, rather than minding their own business.
I am a devout Christian. You will burn in Hell for your Atheist views.

Doesn't the bible say *not* to judge others?
by The Rosie May 13, 2007
A person who believes at least the following:

There is one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible, and one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who for men and their salvation came down and was made man, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and suffered, and was buried, and the third day rose again, according to the Scriptures, and ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of the Father where he shall judge the quick and the dead.

In addition to these universal beliefs held by all Christians, they may also hold various, sometimes hotly contested, beliefs regarding literal interpretation of the scripture; the meaning and timing of baptism; the value and scriptural authority of confession, Eucharist, priests, bishops, or the church itself; and the necessity to proselytize one's faith. Many who hold one opinion on these matters deny that anyone who holds a different opinion are "real Christians".
Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus.
by JerseyJohn December 11, 2007

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