Someone who is not perfect but goes to god, beleives that god's only son died for our sins so that when you die you will not be thrown into the lake of fire (hell), and tell god their sins then asks for forgiveness. Because God is your heavenly father you must tell him of your wrongful deeds.
A christians tells two men or women of how jesus died for us and of God's love for us, one person prays for god's forgiveness the other does not, both are killed. The one who asked for forgiveness is able to enter heaven, the other is casted into the lake of fire (hell) forever.
by Jonathan Qualls June 23, 2006
*sigh* the christians are people who believe in the only one and true God. They shouldnt be hated... no one else should be either... christians are for the good that remains on this earth, they are a peacful people, they dont steal, they love one another (after all why not? Jesus died for our sins outa his love for US) if you believe in the Lord God with all your heart and try to do what is best then you are a christian. Your works and attitude show what you really are inside. Hatred and sin clouds the mind but God has put his spirit in christians' hearts to help you stay away against all disgusting and evil things around you the best you can. I LOVE JESUS! He is my savior. He is my best buddy!
girl: do you know God?
guy: you know what... no. man i know theres something out there but i just cant place it.
girl: oh, thats God! Hes the one whos missing from your life. If you beleive in Him you become a christian.
guy: yea right *walks away*
girl: feels compasion for guy and prays a lot for guy:
GOD - gives guy hardships to make him see that he needs a loving God that girl was talkin about.
guy: later on becomes an honest christian. Christians are good.
by a girl for christ June 17, 2007
Good willed people that end up becoming under attack by millions due to the fact they have something to believe in.Many people get angry at them because they're nice and atheist just can't stand anything that might be good willed. Stereotypes such as not allowed to do anything fun are about as resonable as black people are all gangsters and mexicans all came to america illegally. Christians have won almost every war fought by them such as in WWII when hitler proclaimed himself a god and the emporer of Japan proclaimed himself a god also. This religion has been around thousands of years with all of the sudden atheist trying to rebel deny gods existance.
Christians are just good people that do good things and follow God and get to make fun of atheist along the way such as
*Why did the atheist cross the road?

He thought there might be a sidewalk on the other side, but he wouldn’t believe it until he tested his hypothesis.

*How many atheists does it take to change a light bulb?

Two. One to actually change the bulb, and the other to videotape the job so fundamentalists won’t claim that god did it.

by kingjt13 February 23, 2009
Either Slater or Bale are cool by me.
Christian Bale and Christian Slater. Two waaaaay cool actors.
by Fearman September 13, 2007
A sinner saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. That faith is a merciful gift of God to a person deserving eternal damnation.
I am a Christian by the grace of God.
by Brian May 24, 2006

The position when one white man gets double penetrated from behind by a black man and a mexican, preferably both having a "Saemi" cock (for further reference please see "Saemi")

Eric:Hey Edvard! How did you like the Christian yesterday?
Edvard:Hey Eric! It was excellent, my anus hasn't stopped bleeding and I can't take a seat

Steven & Sam: We're gonna do you so fucking Christian right now

George: NOOOO! Not the Christian
by Sæmi Hemma May 15, 2008
A person who has accepted Jesus Christ into their life.
A follower of Him.They usually go to a church,read the Bible,Pray,ect.They are kind,considerate,and know that they are not better than anyone else.Or that is the way they should be.Christians do have fun.Fun isn't just playing violent games with blood,gore,cussing,shoting people in the head, and all that.Fun isn't just having sex all the time.Fun isn't just drinking and partying.Fun can be being with family.Fun can be going to church.Christian's don't just go to church and throw little green Bibles at you when you walk out the front door.They have a life,also.They know they aren't perfect.Nor is anyone else besides God/Jesus.Give them a chance,they will most likely give you one.
Being a Christian isn't that bad.
by katielovex June 06, 2007

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