Either Slater or Bale are cool by me.
Christian Bale and Christian Slater. Two waaaaay cool actors.
by Fearman September 13, 2007
A sinner saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. That faith is a merciful gift of God to a person deserving eternal damnation.
I am a Christian by the grace of God.
by Brian May 24, 2006

The position when one white man gets double penetrated from behind by a black man and a mexican, preferably both having a "Saemi" cock (for further reference please see "Saemi")

Eric:Hey Edvard! How did you like the Christian yesterday?
Edvard:Hey Eric! It was excellent, my anus hasn't stopped bleeding and I can't take a seat

Steven & Sam: We're gonna do you so fucking Christian right now

George: NOOOO! Not the Christian
by Sæmi Hemma May 15, 2008
A person who has accepted Jesus Christ into their life.
A follower of Him.They usually go to a church,read the Bible,Pray,ect.They are kind,considerate,and know that they are not better than anyone else.Or that is the way they should be.Christians do have fun.Fun isn't just playing violent games with blood,gore,cussing,shoting people in the head, and all that.Fun isn't just having sex all the time.Fun isn't just drinking and partying.Fun can be being with family.Fun can be going to church.Christian's don't just go to church and throw little green Bibles at you when you walk out the front door.They have a life,also.They know they aren't perfect.Nor is anyone else besides God/Jesus.Give them a chance,they will most likely give you one.
Being a Christian isn't that bad.
by katielovex June 06, 2007
The name of The God of The Earth, the ruler over its natural elements and inhabitants, one of the supreme gods, married to emerald, goddess of the earth
Christian allowed the lightning not to strike me.
by Jacszrk October 20, 2008
A super sweet guy who always says the right things. Full of giggles and smiles. Can make any mood your in turn into the best one ever. Down right sexy and perfect. mwah mwah. mr christiaahn. hehe
Deeeeeaaam, did you see christian today?
by inlovewchristian July 10, 2008
A person Who believes that God, came down to earth in the flesh, died on a cross, and saved the sins of many. past,present, and future. It is a relationship. Yes some Christians do wear signs and yell at people saying that they are going to hell. but most Christians are not that. Sadly though, they are painted by the brush of those who do yell and scream at people. (this is to all you people who do yell and scream at other people. put down the bull horn, shut up, and actually love people the way Jesus does. Don't go yelling and freaking people out!)and we do not force people to convert, we merely ask (and yes, sadly some shout) if we ask you to come to church, its like asking if you wanna go see a movie. Christians love people, they don't all hate.
guy #1 " do you want to come to church? were giving away $500 this Sunday."

you "sure, I'm not doing anything Sunday, just watching tv all day"

Being a Christian is actually fun, not a list of rules
by Darkends March 27, 2008

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