A person who does not just believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, but rather aspires to understand and follow His teachings. In other words, if you call yourself a Christian and don't really understand Christ's teachings, you aren't.
If you are working to enrich yourself more than for those with greater needs than your own, you are not a Christian.
by as8025kfvc,at5 December 07, 2010
Someone who believes in God and his son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. A real Christian does not try to force their beliefs on others, and rarely tells people straight out that they are one, but lives like it every day. They realize that no one is perfect, especially themselves, and they do not attempt to make people believe they are.
Some Christians are always trying to force their beliefs on others, and because of those idiots, the rest of us get a bad name and are always being ridiculed.
Girl: Are you a Christian?
Christian: Yea, why?
Girl: You're not going to try to "convert me," are you?
Christian: Why would I do that?
Girl: You all do.
Christian: You've met some pretty bad Christians, haven't you?
by S.Elizabeth January 24, 2010
A name mostly for guys, that is super rare for girls- but still exist for those very few.

Girls named Christian usually have no religious affiliations at all, but are cool, laid-back people that are easy to interact with and befriend. They are good girls but have a hidden inner-bad girl that usually only surfaces in the following situations:

-while partying
-while kissing
-while angry

This kind of girl appeals to a certain kind of guy. She's cute, but not HOT. She's charming, but not too sexy either.

Girls named Christian are pretty awesome- but it's always gonna be weird calling this kind of girl Chris.
Hey, have you met that girl, Christian. She seemed like such a good girl! Who KNEW she could move like THAT!?
by withoutnameathemoment March 09, 2009
A person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. That's all one must do to become a Christian. Contrary to popular belief, most Christians are tolerant and realistic people. However, only the hypocritical ones get publicized, due to the media loathing anything relating to God and/or family values. Yes, many Christians go to church, but the most reasonable ones don't force it upon others. Christians enjoy personal relationships with Jesus and don't really belong in an "organized religion" as the media implies. Reasonable Christians get really mad when other Christians act hypocritical or rude to other people.
Christian: Hey, what's up? Let's hang out, or go to the movies sometime. Or go to the mall, whatever's good :)
Christian-hater: Dude, I'm glad I met you. You're such a great friend; you don't seem to hate anyone and you're always up for fun, although not so much drugs and sex. I'm just glad you're not a Christian. Those frickin homophobes are everything that's wrong with this country.
Christian: It's really too bad you feel that way. I guess you'll hate me once you find out I'm a Christian. Most of us aren't jerks, you know.
Christian-hater: Ohh crap. Well I feel like a jerk now... but you can't be a Christian. You're too sweet, and sarcastic.
Christian: You accuse of us being narrow-minded; you are too, to be honest. Let's just move on, and we'll both promise to be open-minded best friends, okay?
Christian-hater: Okay, I'll try.
*they hug, then go to the movies and have fun*
by MissCaliBrownie April 06, 2010
One with an unusually small cock.
"Damn is that a tic tac!"

"No, it's just Christian's penis."
by #reallife October 11, 2011
A really hot guy that will do anything for a peice of food.
He is sexy and a sexy hot face
the sexiest guy in the world
Sweet and cool
coolest guy in the school!
christian is sexy hotty
by Anonymous man <3 July 26, 2009
1. A boy who is sexually inappropriate and often loud. He loves the skanks.

2. A boy who is very strange who is quite immature on occasion. -mk

3. Bad ass
Dammmn did you see that Christian kid?

Yeah. He's crazy.
by iheartmarenda May 12, 2009

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