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One with an unusually small cock.
"Damn is that a tic tac!"

"No, it's just Christian's penis."
by #reallife October 11, 2011
7 20
A person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. That's all one must do to become a Christian. Contrary to popular belief, most Christians are tolerant and realistic people. However, only the hypocritical ones get publicized, due to the media loathing anything relating to God and/or family values. Yes, many Christians go to church, but the most reasonable ones don't force it upon others. Christians enjoy personal relationships with Jesus and don't really belong in an "organized religion" as the media implies. Reasonable Christians get really mad when other Christians act hypocritical or rude to other people.
Christian: Hey, what's up? Let's hang out, or go to the movies sometime. Or go to the mall, whatever's good :)
Christian-hater: Dude, I'm glad I met you. You're such a great friend; you don't seem to hate anyone and you're always up for fun, although not so much drugs and sex. I'm just glad you're not a Christian. Those frickin homophobes are everything that's wrong with this country.
Christian: It's really too bad you feel that way. I guess you'll hate me once you find out I'm a Christian. Most of us aren't jerks, you know.
Christian-hater: Ohh crap. Well I feel like a jerk now... but you can't be a Christian. You're too sweet, and sarcastic.
Christian: You accuse of us being narrow-minded; you are too, to be honest. Let's just move on, and we'll both promise to be open-minded best friends, okay?
Christian-hater: Okay, I'll try.
*they hug, then go to the movies and have fun*
by MissCaliBrownie April 06, 2010
10 24
A really hot guy that will do anything for a peice of food.
He is sexy and a sexy hot face
the sexiest guy in the world
Sweet and cool
coolest guy in the school!
christian is sexy hotty
by Anonymous man <3 July 26, 2009
24 40
1. A boy who is sexually inappropriate and often loud. He loves the skanks.

2. A boy who is very strange who is quite immature on occasion. -mk

3. Bad ass
Dammmn did you see that Christian kid?

Yeah. He's crazy.
by iheartmarenda May 12, 2009
36 53
a person who belives there awesome! also there caring, thoughtful, beautiful and great friends usaly layed back and knows how to hold a grudge. She or he is also easy to love.
damn that girl christian is fucking awesome and hella sexy!
by hklj July 10, 2009
17 36
Lion food. A delusional person.
Another delusional christian, eh? Feed 'em to the lion!
by Zaraustra April 22, 2008
171 190
A guy that is between 5'8 and 5'11 feet tall. usually born in the month of october.. has many siblings. has brown shaggy hair. a dashing smile. plays guitar. thinks he's in a band. of cuban decent. and smells like poo
man you smell like a "Christian"
wow he's a real "Christian"
by bill159 November 25, 2010
5 26