A bunch of close eyed, clasped hands, hat wearing bastards who can't take anything else seriously and get really offended when a media object pokes fun at their religion.
Disgaea and various other games and movies have been berated by Christians.
by Akulakhan February 19, 2012
(noun) A person who follows the religion of christianity. Christians follow the teachings of the bible and Jesus Christ. After looking at the above entries I see that christianity is a very misunderstood religion. If you ask me, christianity faces the same problems as Islam. When people think of either Christianity or Islam they think of the extremists, "your religion is wrong, join us or die" and all that. In fact, the extremists make up a very small portion of both religions, we just see more of them in the news media since they stand out more. In fact Christians and Muslims are generally good-natured people. There's the occasional bigot, hypocrite, or convict etc. But there are other reasons for those things, mainly the type of place they live in and their other beliefs not associated with their religion.
Long definition made short, quit using generalization to diss christians. How much do you really know about it anyway?
by Rannoc March 19, 2009
Christian is a guy who is exceptionally slow. He has the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. He can be extremely sweet when he wants to be, but he also has a very loud and obnoxious personality. He's not a fighter by nature, but he wont back down if someone pisses him off. He always know how to put a smile on your face, no matter what mood your in. He's a bit of a perv, but it's one of the things you'll love most about him. He's a pretty short guy, but his handsome face will make up for the lost height. He has a beautiful smile, sported with braces that he's had since he was a middle schooler. He'll alway be there for you. He's not good with relationships, but he'll be the best friend you'll ever have if you let him. He'll pop into your life unexpectantly , but you can't get rid of him once you meet him. Not that you'd want too any ways.

Christian is amazing.
by Brown eyed girl. August 19, 2011
A person that gets alot of pussy and he loves to get with hot girls
He got with that girl and her sister
Christian got with her and her sister
by Candalstick May 24, 2011
Anyone who has believed in Christ Jesus and recieved Him into their heart through prayer.

Those people are often unaware that when done that they are now a new kind of human beings, new biologic species, humanity mingled with divinity, cause the Holly Spirit got into them and made an organic union with them (just like grafting)...

The devine life within is supposed to be constantly growing thus sanctifying the human part of the being. But that happens only if they live in close spiritual fellowship with God and other believers and abide in the Bible's teaching. If they don't, they may act just like any other human (even be criminals).This divine life will resurrect them from the dead (at the Christ's second coming) just like that happened to Jesus.

They are just like Jesus in His earthly life with two exceptions: their flesh is still contaminated with sin, and they will never share His Godhead (be object to worship).
Eric: Are you reading this Bible?!
Joe: Yes, sure I do. I'm a christian.
by Pilgrimlike February 10, 2011
Christian a religious name, carries the blood of royalty in his vain, is a King of Kings,Independent and a great lover!
christian a leader to his people
by layl0w November 18, 2010
1) an often misused and misunderstood term due to people who have taken on that name and acted like total holier-than-thou jerks and really dont know dont care and dont live what this word means which

2) in reality is someone who has asked Jesus to be the boss of their life, believes that he was fully dead for 3 days and was resurected, and IS alive.
1) hey bob just lectured tom because he cussed he is such a christian
2)the person who will sit with the new kid and will be an encouragement to all those who coe in contact with this person
by ChristianChick<3 September 07, 2010

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