A delusional bigot who believes a magical sky fairy will take all their problems away. Well guess what. He won't. Life is meaningless. Fuck you.
Hey, I'm a deluded christian moron, I believe in a cosmic jewish zombie who is his own father and son and will come back to life to 'save' us from nothing. I have the mental capacity of a delusional two-year-old who still believes in santa. WHOOOPEEEE DOOO! GOD BLESS GOD AND JESUS!
by Trollbeast November 26, 2013
violent hypocritical liars. between 800 and 1500 AD, the christian empire was known to burn an outside culture to the ground, absorb local beliefs into the religion, forcefully convert locals, while at the same time condemning them.
the christians drowned my child during a baptism because i refused to be baptised
by Aiden the Pagan January 23, 2012
So called "followers" of Christianity who, despite their claims that all muslims are terrorists, always steer clear of the fact that they killed thousands of them in the crusades.
So all muslims are terrorists huh? But what about Christians slaughtering thousands of Muslims in the Crusades, and abusing minorities everyday?
by sjbay900 January 19, 2012
Arrogant, rarely educated snob from the bible belt, who often attempts to press his/her beliefs, which in his case are usually sexist in the extreme. it is not uncommon to see christian males wearing bedsheets and bombing abortion clinics.
5 christians were convicted of bombing an aids clinic, killing 7
by ha ha dumb christians November 05, 2011
Christian is a guy who is exceptionally slow. He has the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. He can be extremely sweet when he wants to be, but he also has a very loud and obnoxious personality. He's not a fighter by nature, but he wont back down if someone pisses him off. He always know how to put a smile on your face, no matter what mood your in. He's a bit of a perv, but it's one of the things you'll love most about him. He's a pretty short guy, but his handsome face will make up for the lost height. He has a beautiful smile, sported with braces that he's had since he was a middle schooler. He'll alway be there for you. He's not good with relationships, but he'll be the best friend you'll ever have if you let him. He'll pop into your life unexpectantly , but you can't get rid of him once you meet him. Not that you'd want too any ways.

Christian is amazing.
by Brown eyed girl. August 19, 2011
A well-intentioned group of people that somehow manages to spew hateful propaganda and promote unfair laws at every chance.
I don't know how the gay marriage ban will ever pass unless the Christians go out and vote for it.
by Roz McClure January 21, 2004
Dude with a tiny ass dick. Likes shoving tubes up his ass to butt chug Dr.Pepper. He likes to listen to Thrift Shop whilst smelling the gooch of another man.
Damn, Christian, you sure can butt chug a lot of Dr.Pepper! How about we put of some Thrift Shop and I'll spread my legs so you can take a whiff of my dirty gooch!
by GoochBoy January 08, 2014

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