A group of people who fall under extreme scrutiny on Urban Dictionary because a few arrogant air heads had a run in with an asshole (who happened to claim he was christian) and decided they will base a third of the worlds population off of that one or few people. There can not be an exact description of a Christian because everyone is different. Ideally, a Christian will follow the teachings of Christ and accept him as the savior of all our sins. A Christian will also respect all others no matter their belief, attitude toward life, or skin.

Many evil deeds have been done in history in the name of Christianity, but those actions were preformed ignorantly by those blinded by hate. Actions of that nature are not the teachings of God or his son Jesus and Christianity should not be based of of the mistakes of the few.
Hater: "you stupid fucking Christians just go die, you're nothing but a bunch of self richous assholes."

Sensible Christian: "I pray you find your way."
by Magooga February 27, 2013
A believer of the Christian faith and that Jesus is the savior.

Often closed-minded about other religions. Also, usually, has preconceptions about many things. For example, many Christians wrote harsh definitions filled with bias for the word Muslim. Also they are sometimes hypocritical.

They are also filled with many good values. For example their are sins in Christianity that forbid them from wrong-doing. Christians are usually good people.
Christian 1 - "I hate Muslims"
Christian 2 - "Yeah. But I could never kill one that would be wrong."
Christian 1 - "Agreed."
by SuperKNaanMan July 08, 2011
violent hypocritical liars. between 800 and 1500 AD, the christian empire was known to burn an outside culture to the ground, absorb local beliefs into the religion, forcefully convert locals, while at the same time condemning them.
the christians drowned my child during a baptism because i refused to be baptised
by Aiden the Pagan January 23, 2012
So called "followers" of Christianity who, despite their claims that all muslims are terrorists, always steer clear of the fact that they killed thousands of them in the crusades.
So all muslims are terrorists huh? But what about Christians slaughtering thousands of Muslims in the Crusades, and abusing minorities everyday?
by sjbay900 January 19, 2012
Arrogant, rarely educated snob from the bible belt, who often attempts to press his/her beliefs, which in his case are usually sexist in the extreme. it is not uncommon to see christian males wearing bedsheets and bombing abortion clinics.
5 christians were convicted of bombing an aids clinic, killing 7
by ha ha dumb christians November 05, 2011
Christian is a guy who is exceptionally slow. He has the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. He can be extremely sweet when he wants to be, but he also has a very loud and obnoxious personality. He's not a fighter by nature, but he wont back down if someone pisses him off. He always know how to put a smile on your face, no matter what mood your in. He's a bit of a perv, but it's one of the things you'll love most about him. He's a pretty short guy, but his handsome face will make up for the lost height. He has a beautiful smile, sported with braces that he's had since he was a middle schooler. He'll alway be there for you. He's not good with relationships, but he'll be the best friend you'll ever have if you let him. He'll pop into your life unexpectantly , but you can't get rid of him once you meet him. Not that you'd want too any ways.

Christian is amazing.
by Brown eyed girl. August 19, 2011
One who is kind unless you get on his bad side then he is a raging bull. Acts just like his father which isnt always a good thing and is as cheap as they come, but doesnt mind taking money from others. Almost always forgets the things you do for him but will ALWAYS remind you of every single thing he has done for you, which is a rare thing indeed. Will put his girl first only if he isnt busy talking about trucks or his beloved snap on tools. Will almost never text back but has plenty of time to browse criagslist for hours. Is always right and never wrong. Ha yeah right. Will make you feel like his one and only at the beginning but sad to say give it a few years and you will feel like NOTHING compared to his tools, craiglist and his porn.
Where is Christian? Oh he's outside in his truck on criagslist, give him a few hours he will be in.
by poppyseedjr February 12, 2014
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