Excessively looks for himself on google an extremely cute sexy person. This person is very intellegent and can be very romantic. Overall a funny, attractive, intelligent, sweet, caring person. Also this person is likes hugs. ^_^
Dat Christian was so hot I want to date him
by Darthcheezeburger February 12, 2014
A person who follows the religion of christianity. Contrary to popular belief, not all Christians try to shove their religion down your throat. Christians do sin, but the point isn't to be perfect. The Christians that do this ,however, cast a bad light on all other Christians. They make other people see them as ignorant, close-minded, etc. etc.
Christian 1: Christians don't sin! We are better than everyone else! We know that our religion is better than everyone else's.

Christian 2: You ignorant pig, please shut your mouth because you are obviously very clueless and don't know what's going on in the world. We are suppose to not pass judgement on anyway else because it isn't our place. Christians are suppose to accept EVERYONE.
by ME. I'm a person. Not a robot. April 04, 2013
someone who believes that Jesus died for the sins of the world. often stereotyped as a jerk because alot of the douchebags who claimed to be christians acted the complete opposite of what Jesus told them to do. for some reason many christians of the past completely disregarded (and alot still do) "thou shalt not kill", "love thy neighbor" & "do not judge or you will be judged". therefore making an annoying stereotype that the good ones have to live down.
Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., John Paul II, Barack Obama, Selena Gomez, Nelson Mandela, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Erasmus, Christian
by millennium996 August 15, 2012
The most perfect boy I have ever laid eyes on, and he is the sweetest and loveliest person you could ever meet. He believes all girls of every shape, size, nationality and race is beautiful, and he isn't afraid to tell them so. He also offers anyone a shoulder to cry on, and helps make them feel better just by smiling at them :)

He adores football, and is an amazing football player :) His favourite team is Manchester City.

He makes your heart melt and gives you butterflies just by sending you a text. He is amazing, and I love him no matter what. I have always loved him, through bad and good, and I always will, I'm so glad he's mine.
Chloe: I love you more than anything in the world xxxxxx
Christian: I love you so much, you are my world <3 xxxxxx
by Chloe_Adores_Christian September 25, 2011
The most amazing person you'll ever meet. Beautiful, both inside and out. He has an amazing sense of humor, although it is kind of twisted at some times, but he can lighten any mood in a matter of seconds. Makes everyone feel like they're insanely special. Did I mention he's insanely ADORABLE and CUTE, usually Irish. Super good at sports- one and all, but especially basketball. Superhumanly smart. Doesn't usually like anyone, so if you're lucky enogh that he falls for you... take him and NEVER let him go. Talk about imensely perfect???? Best Guy EVER to walk the Earth, along with Jesus <3
girl: hey :)
christian: hey, can i ask you something?
girl: sure
christian: i really don't like people often, but you are just amazing and I really like you.. and I was wondering.. do you li-
girl: OH MY GOD, YES! you're amazing and I like you too!


Girl 1: did you see that super cute kid shooting hopes?
Girl 2: yeah, he didn't miss any shots!
girl 1: damn, he's a real Christian!
by mIsSa_lOvEs_ChRiStIaNx333 June 16, 2011
a young kid who dose not yet know where his life will lead him , a sensitive and emotional kid who will cry through any sad movie you put him to. loves soccer , likes to express himself in songs, drawing , and singing , loves to look up in the sky at night through his window open to feel the breeze , belives in wishes comming true at 11:11pm , sweetest kid who girls love and call cute all the time , will never hurt you , when he loves you , you can tell he'll make you happy on how hard he tries , takes alot to earn his trust , someone who is funny but shy alot , been through alot with relationships and family , likes to spend his free time on friends or excersing , thinks alot about the world and how it became , thinks about how he got to this point , loves alot of people but when he has his eye on a girl he will do anything for that one girl to be his , a real sweetheart
the new kid christian is a real kid who you always dreamed for , hes my perfect type.
by the true meaning of christian December 31, 2010
someone who worships a magical "god". They also worship a Jew but will not hesitate to abuse Jewish people for what they are. How naive to think that there can be one thing running the universe. maybe people would think that humans evolving from apes is far fetched but evolution has been proven. you can't argue with results.
So if you choose to be ignorant and shut the truth out, then that's fine. But if you think about it, wouldn't you rather know where we really came from?
christian: "god is super"
me: "you're full of shit"
by Yabity October 04, 2010

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