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someone who believes that Jesus died for the sins of the world. often stereotyped as a jerk because alot of the douchebags who claimed to be christians acted the complete opposite of what Jesus told them to do. for some reason many christians of the past completely disregarded (and alot still do) "thou shalt not kill", "love thy neighbor" & "do not judge or you will be judged". therefore making an annoying stereotype that the good ones have to live down.
Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., John Paul II, Barack Obama, Selena Gomez, Nelson Mandela, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Erasmus, Christian
by millennium996 August 15, 2012
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A charming, caring, and perfect boy. He's the most attractive looking boy you've ever seen in your life. Being around him just makes you feel so complete and it feels like you two are alone in your own world. Any girl who has him in her life should consider herself very lucky - he's very hard to find. Just seeing his name on Facebook makes you go crazy. He's a total goofball. He's very smart, handsome, and more than likely the definition of 'perfect'. You want to be with him and only him, because no one can compare to how amazing he is.
Girl : You're Christian's girlfriend?
Christians Gf : Yes. (:
Girl : *She's definitely the luckiest girl in the world.*
by sdizzle March 22, 2012
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christian is the type of boyfriend who is very sweet to you, talks to you all day everyday, loves you, takes care of you, cuddles you from behind, reminds you every 10mintues he loves you, and would do anything for you. He is also loved by everyone especially his girlfriend
He makes you fall for him everyday and makes sure you're okay all the time. No matter what happens he always tells you he loves you.
i love christian so much.
by aymae February 17, 2012
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The most wonderful person you will ever meet. He may seem a little mean at times but his heart is in the right place. He's a great listener and always cares about what you have to say. He sticks up for his and always tells the truth even if it's not what you want to hear. He's always there for you and will never let you down. Getting to know him is the best decision you will ever make. He's hard working when he wants to be but is also stubborn and a tad immature. He's tons of fun to be around and will keep you laughing. He's also the most absolutely amazing Boyfriend ever. And I'm lucky to call him mine. :)
"You know that guy Christian?"
"The super cute one who's amazing?"
"Yep that's the one."
by jeany beany September 23, 2011
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Something everyone says that they are but nobody really practices.
"Man, i'm a Christian, fuck you."
by Padalecki April 05, 2010
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A person who believes in God and that his son Jesus Christ rose from the dead to save mankind. Like in all beliefs, there are some misconceptions about Christianity.

1. We don't believe in fairy tales - Like in my Atheist definition, a fairy tale is a folklore meant to entertain children. Religion is not meant to entertain. It's a belief. Like atheism. Does that make atheism a fairy tale, too?

2. We don't hate atheists and gays - Our religion clearly states that we are called to love thy one another equally. I don't care what other people believe, as long as they don't shove it down my throat. And while our church doesn't support homosexuality, that doesn't mean we hate gays. If fact, we love them nonetheless.

3. Just because we believe in God doesn't mean we think science is bull - There are plenty of scientists who believe in God. I say I'm one of those Christians who believes that there is rationality hiding behind that divine hand. I don't go around claiming that the scientists are wrong.

4. Jesus wasn't a zombie - A zombie is a rotting flesh-eating corpse risen from the dead. If Jesus was a rotting corpse that ate flesh, he would be a zombie. Whoever says so otherwise is trying too hard to make our religion sound idiotic.

5. We don't always take the Bible seriously - I'm a Catholic. Does that mean I believe that evil was created because a snake convinced a woman to eat a magic apple? No, I believe in God and Jesus. Like I said before, I also believe in science.
George: All Christians are morons. They believe that a possessed talking snake convinced a woman to eat a magical apple and that a cosmic zombie rose from the dead to save mankind from evil.

Mark: That is not true. Not all of us believe in that stuff. I consider myself to be a Christian, because I believe in God and Jesus, but I also think science applies to the world as well.

George: You brainwashed zombie-worshipers believing that fairy tales exist. Why don't you go have sex like normal people do? Oh, wait. That's right. You can't. Because your fairy tale book from a thousand years ago says it's wrong. LOL BRAINWASHED SHEEP. I CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT CUZ I'M A RATIONAL BELIEVER.

John: Hey, asshole. Stop giving atheism a bad name.

Mark: Exactly!
by WhyDoPeopleHateEachOtherSoMuch March 25, 2014
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Excessively looks for himself on google an extremely cute sexy person. This person is very intellegent and can be very romantic. Overall a funny, attractive, intelligent, sweet, caring person. Also this person is likes hugs. ^_^
Dat Christian was so hot I want to date him
by Darthcheezeburger February 12, 2014
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