person who is intelligent, therefore dislikes talking with others, especially those of lesser intelligence. He/She is usually a misanthropist, though does not show it, as to not hurt peoples feelings . This person does not accept criticism, and will deny that they are ever wrong. this person is tired of searching for the meaning of their name and only getting "follower of christ". They do not accept bullying or abuse towards females. A person named Christian Is a person Who Deems human life as un-needed and therefore accepts the act of murder completely logical. They are not racist, for they hate everyone equally. They are very sarcastic, even when times are tense. These people enjoy the type people who others would call jerks or butt-holes, and will befriend these people. People named christian love heavy metal, as well as classical music. christians do not have very many friends, but the ones they have are fairly close, and christians would do anything for their friends
Eric: see that kid over there?
jason: yes, his name is Christian, he is cool but he is crazy
Eric: not crazy, but he is funny, very funny
#christin #satanist #perfect person #horrible #misanthropist
by AngelOfdDeath October 02, 2012
This guy is sexy and hot, and is the perfect guy.he can always make you smile and laugh, and he always has a smile on his face. He likes to tease people, usually Chelsea's. He is super awesome and would make a great boyfriend, but he usually dates Amanda's. He is the most awesome guy you'll ever meet.
That guy is so cool, I bet his name is Christian.
#chris #christian #hottie #sexy #amanda #cute ##becky
by PuppyLove1234 October 04, 2013
christian is the type of boyfriend who is very sweet to you, talks to you all day everyday, loves you, takes care of you, cuddles you from behind, reminds you every 10mintues he loves you, and would do anything for you. He is also loved by everyone especially his girlfriend
He makes you fall for him everyday and makes sure you're okay all the time. No matter what happens he always tells you he loves you.
i love christian so much.
#love #girlfriend #boyfriend #everyday #falls
by aymae February 17, 2012
A word that has been corrupted. There are very few real christians any more. Most "christians" are either EXTREAMLY judgemental, don't really care about God at all, and just use His name for their own reasons, or go to church on sundays, and bars on saturdays. A wise person once said that Christians are the people who send the most people to hell. Non-christians see "christians" andd say, these people suck. Christians DO suck. I believe in God, I worship Him, but I don't like calling myself a Christian. That word means nothing now.
Non-Christians: Hello, could you tell me about Christ?
Fake Christian: No way, you look like a hobo. Get away from me. COPS!!

Fake Christians (on sunday): Glory to God! We love you! Praise be your name!
Said Fake Christian (On friday): Whoo! Let's go get drunk guys!!

Fake Christian (In public): I love God, he's so wonderful. I love my kids, *gives money to hobo*
Said Fake Christian (at home, with family): Women! Make me a sandwich! (Women doesn't hear, fake christian hits her)


REAL Christian(Sunday-Saturday): I love God. He's wonderful. *Starts praying, then gives money to hobo*

Gosh. That took forever to type ;) bbuuuuttt thats america.
#christian #fake christian #god #suck #real
by Annoyed christian December 30, 2011
Often used to describe a hot guy with cool hair. He can often be shy and easily embarrassed. Christian's have an underlying sacastic streak and are usually wicked funny. If you meet a Christian hold on to him he is good find.
Did you see that guy he was so Christian.
#cristin #chris #christen #christin #xavier
by Ann Nixon April 13, 2011
A great friend that's there for you. He makes you laugh at stupid things. You both laugh at stupid things. He's someone you could vent to and he'll help you with your problem. Yet he bullies you but then you also do it back. One of the bestest friends you could ever have. He's a ladies man too (; He's POPULAR even though he doesn't think he is. He's a fantabulous person you could ever meet. :).
#tianchris #fabulous #dunderhead #dong #funny #coolbeans
by vngelicvpvsc0 June 28, 2013
Christian is someone who is smart and handsome. He is creative and very attractive. he is often good with the lady's. He is very athletic and funny. He is also a joy to have around.
Hey who's that attractive kid. Oh that's Christian
#smart #handsome #attractive #athletic #charming
by smartnhandsome October 20, 2013
A guy that is kind, nice, sweet, caring, and funny. He is that one guy friend that you've been looking for ALL your life. He is the guy that you can talk to about ANYTHING, from personal things to usual events, and knowing that it'll stick to him. He's that one guy who you think would never exist. He can be quite annoying at times, when people just don't want him around, but without him there, your day would seem just...boring. He's also a great listener. He'll listen to what you have to talk or vent about in your life and try to do the best he can to help you out. He'll even understand what you're talking about due to the fact that he's been through really tough and hard times. His self-esteem is quite low, especially his confidence, making him that cute shy-guy. Whenever he would like a girl, he'd always be nervous around her, he couldn't even look at her. But, he goes to great lengths to do whatever he can to get her attention and to make a great impression on her. Heck, he would even buy you a thousand roses for her.
Sure he isn't the cutest or handsomest guy in the world, with the nicest body, or soft locks of hair, or those gleaming eyes, but his looks doesn't matter when his heart and personality is pure. You just cannot live without him. If he was gone, you'd know that you'd be heartbroken knowing that you can't meet up with him or see him and here his cheesy and corny jokes.
Friend 1: I just met a guy named Christian
Friend 2: Really? What's he like?
Friend 1: Well :) He's SUPER kind and funny! He's not that very attractive like those super models, but his heart is sooo pure. He's...sweet :).
Friend 2: Wow! He sounds like that guy who would never exist.
Friend 1: I know, but he's here, and I'm so happy that I met and became friends with him.
#sweet #amazing #cool #annoying #awesome #always #there #for #you
by fl1ppydud3 September 09, 2012
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