I have not always been a christian, and now i am, I know Christ is alive as my life has changed before my eyes on the inside and out. I believe The Father, Son Christ The Saviour and The Holy Spirit has taught me of True unconditional love and Truth, although I have alot of growing up to do and learning to do with Christ, it is simple for me to say that The Lord is Love, not controversy, hate, insults and arguments, all these are contradictions of what Gods and Christs message is. When loving a person alot of times is more noticed in action not voiced, Loving all no matter what there beliefs or circumstances, being there as a friend through good and bad, worts too. The way people put across to another is very important when you state you are of Christ, but then say to another with selfs egotistical rightousness that they will go to hell, then if the other non believer or who ever would see a hateful attitude and very hurtful, yet you state you have Christ who is all loving, kind, forgiving and not bad or insulting in anyway then through your attitude you do not show any love, care or consideration. People force upon others their own perceptions and not Gods way or perception. The great Lord is not stupid and loves all. These approaches i have read from a christian to a non christian is awful Our Father does not judge so who are we to force and judge when the One in authority does not. The best thing to do without harming or hurting others is to pray for all, Ask yourself as a christian "what would Christ do?"would He hurt, insult, condemn and so on as you have done or would He love, comfort, no matter what. Clean yourself before cleaning others, take the plank out your own eye before you pluck the plank out of anothers eye! How will you help others to come to Christ if you go straight up and say straight out with no consideration respect or love or kindness of who they are what they are going through and say YOUR GOING TO HELL IF YOU DONT DO THIS! Jesus didnt teach, speak or have an attitude in anyway. He loved them before He met them and then He sat with them spoke with them and most of all He got to know them, if Christ Our king done this and knew what was going to happen to Him then so must we. What right do we have to say such harmful things to people we do not even know, or can not by any shape or form feel their pains, or experiences, what right do we have to say without even knowing them even Christ on the cross dying said "FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY ARE DOING".He never once in all scripture screamed out to another your going to hell, not with a bad attitude, not to harm He loved and still loves. If this is peoples approach it is truely wrong especially when you dont even know the people at all. Christ didnt say go preach the gospel the truth and it doesnt matter if you harm and hurt and destroy peoples lives with it He left us with love each other be in fellowship get to know one another, i mean Christ The Lord washed the disiples feet, do we do that do you do that with one another, if you did them efforts first before telling people they going to hell!who do not know God because of whatever reasons. Well thats my view and I truely do love you all from my heart and dont even know you, and would wash everyone of your feet without hesitation, and eat with you, laugh with you get to know you and share who we are and how we feel together. Thats what it means when it says sit, gather in my name and confess to one another talk of your pains, fears distubances heartaches. Praise Our Lord Christs Holy name I will pray for you all and will love you whatever your choice of belief, who am i to dissagree or agree, i mean what will that prove or do, I have a God Jesus Christ who teaches me to love and He is most definetly NOT ABOUT ARGUMENTS AND DISSAGREEMENTS. HES WONDERFUL AND FULL OF EXCEPTANCE, PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE. Maybe we all should ask for that first try and clean up ourselves before trying to clean others. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR ETERNITY, AMEN, PRAISE GOD!Love in fellowship always Amy.XXXXXXX
by Amy Paradise May 05, 2009
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Someone who is tired of searching their name on the internet and recieving only religion-related results, overall an awesome person, extremely intelligent and attractive
Christian searched his name on Google and ended up on the website for a local church
by cvega1091 September 30, 2009
A person who believes that Christ is their Savior. A person who believes that Jesus of Israel was/is the Son of God and was everything He claimed to be.
Kristen was a Christian and carried her Bible everywhere she went.
by Krysti Auzuki May 07, 2005
A misinterpreted, misunderstood faith. as you can see in many entries below. Christianity HAS been used to do things in "The Name of God" that God would never have wanted (ie. killing your parents, raping small children and mothers, stalkers, racial segregation etc.) But to give a perfect definition of Christianity - you would have to read the New Testament of the Holy Bible and see how Jesus Christ lived. He is the perfect definition of Christianity...afterall, that's where it all started. Before judging Christians, please meet a REAL one (a down-to-earth one) to show you what it's all about. Not with words, but in their actions.
NOT A CHRISTIAN: *Person standing on a box, screaming, "YOU ARE GOING TO HELL"*.

A REAL CHRISTIAN: A person who is humble, who shows by their ACTIONS louder than their WORDS that they have something different(Jesus).
by JekkaRae June 29, 2005
A boy whose nice, kind, funny, cute, and himself. Who could ask for more? He'll always be there for you no matter what happens. He can be annoying like anyone, or that you don't need him sometimes. But the absence of him drives you insane. He's been through more then you could imagine, but when your in his arms, it just feels safe because you know you have him to guide you.
But even as friends he's perfect. He will ditch even a girlfriend that tries to mess with you. You could be in love with him and see him with another girl, but as long as he's happy you're happy. Yet if he's mad at you, you feel so ashamed and as if your a burden. Over all, hes the person that you haven't lived till you see him.
When I see Christian bells ring like the sound of a moving truck backing up.
by Whitney Delia-Bria January 31, 2009
a christian is someone who believes that jesus christ is the son of god and that he died for EVERYBODY'S sins. a REAL christian realizes that he/she is not perfect but tries to be more like jesus. a REAL christian wouldn't try to force their beliefs on others, so whoever thinks that obviously hasn't met a true christian. also, don't think that all christians are like george bush, cause i'm a christian and i'm not exactly a big fan of his....to say the least.
Non-Christian: So, I guess you like George Bush
Christian: Not even a little.
by Jimena January 17, 2008
People who follow Christ as the centre of their beliefs. They should accept that they are not perfect and that they need the love and forgiveness of Jesus to become whole again. They believe that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christians are not to be mistaken for hypocrites who follow a holier-than-thou attitude to life. Real Christians are humble and give all the praise back to Jesus.
"all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" (Romans 3:23)
by David Bunce July 27, 2005
Best best boyfriend a girl could ever wish for. He's considerate, caring, AMAZINGLY sweet, loving, handsome, sexy beyond belief (to sum things up). He'll come into your life when you least expect, but you'll never want him to leave once he does. He has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. When he holds you in his arms the world melts away. He'll turn your worst days around and make them into your best and he'll be there for you no matter what. Best thing that will ever happen to you point blank!
Christian is the Best Boyfriend Ever
by Lovely112509 April 12, 2010

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