A true Christian (in my opinion) is someone who:
(1.) Believes that Jesus Christ, God's son, humbled himself and came to the earth as a human being.
*Believes that Jesus died on a cross not for glory or fame but for the sins of all mankind.
*Believes that Jesus taught people how to live, and that he taught by example. He never sinned, although he had been tempted more than once.
*Believes that Jesus is forgiving not just once but ALWAYS, which means that if ANYONE sincerely asks him for forgiveness, he will recieve it. Also believes that Christ came for ALL PEOPLE and everybody has a chance to recieve Christ's love.
*Believes that Christ did not come to bring himself up but to bring others up and teach others to do it. He came for a reason: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
(2.) Tries very hard to live by the things Christ taught.
*Does not act like a Christian just because they are concerned about others' opinions.
*Tries to bring people up, and not think selfishly.
*Tries not to bring people down, which includes cursing, insulting, and hurting: people of different gender, different sexual preferences, people who express themselves different than themselves, people who have hurt the person in the past, people who don't live by Christ's teachings, people who look different regarding their weight and such, people like celebrities (we are all the same as them) and many, many more...
*Tries not to judge based on what he/she sees. Can include sexual preferences, weight, hair color (what a drag that I had to say that,) skin color, and many more. This is pretty much self explanatory.
*Tries to be thankful for the things he/she has, and tries not to complain about or dwell on things that he/she doesn't have.
*Tries very hard to forgive others for the things they do, not only to the person but to themselves and others. This could be the hardest thing for a Christian to do because it's hard to get hurt feelings out of his/her mind. I myself find it hard because the things people have done come to my mind when I see them. It's hard to be forgiving but one must try. The fact that forgiveness is hard is NOT an excuse to defend his/herself with.
*Tries not to compete for attention/bragging rights, bring others down or become 'better than others' by doing all this, because that IS NOT the reason one should become a Christian. Does not act like a Christian just so he can be looked at as a better person.
*There are many other things I could say about number 2 but those are some of the most important things to me.
(3.) Tries to spread the Christian faith and be welcoming to others.
*It does include a little bit of talk and a lot of support. The best way to introduce the Christian faith is to just be a good friend. Being a good example of a Christian and not tainting others' opinions of one is a very important factor. Being a good role model is a perfect way to model the Christian faith.
*One must welcome others no matter what their personality or attitude is, what they wear, how they speak, what they do, or especially what they think of you. We must not pick and choose who to be welcoming to, because Christ didn't. In fact, Jesus made it a goal for himself to reach out to those who were 'low on the food chain.' He cared about people who nobody cares about.
***NOTE*** This definition was not written to be used as an excuse to bring someone down or tell them how bad they are. It is all my opinion, but I do believe it is true. I just wanted to share my opinion with you and maybe clear up some of the bad things said about them. Now let me say, nobody's perfect. Hopefully no Christian thinks they're perfect. Also I'd like to say that Christians are not all heterosexual, and they are not all afraid of or dislike homosexuals. Most importantly, at least 95% of Christians are not on a mission to prove that they are better than everyone else. That's not their prerogative. Trust me. ^-^
Do we really need an example of a Christian? Just look up and you'll see a whole lot of them. ^-^ By the way...I only put those tags on it because I had to. But...you could probably find what I'm talking about in one of those? Um...yeah.
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Someone who is tired of searching their name on the internet and recieving only religion-related results, overall an awesome person, extremely intelligent and attractive
Christian searched his name on Google and ended up on the website for a local church
#christian #christin #awesome #attrctive #cristian crischun
by cvega1091 September 30, 2009
ugly whore with a disease also known as a CTD.
which stands for christian transmitted disease.

No one likes Christian.
Everyone thinks shes annoying and everyone talks behind her back.
That fucking christian!
#ugly #gross #skanky #weird #unliked.
by anonymous in your pants December 29, 2007
A person who believes that Christ is their Savior. A person who believes that Jesus of Israel was/is the Son of God and was everything He claimed to be.
Kristen was a Christian and carried her Bible everywhere she went.
by Krysti Auzuki May 07, 2005
A misinterpreted, misunderstood faith. as you can see in many entries below. Christianity HAS been used to do things in "The Name of God" that God would never have wanted (ie. killing your parents, raping small children and mothers, stalkers, racial segregation etc.) But to give a perfect definition of Christianity - you would have to read the New Testament of the Holy Bible and see how Jesus Christ lived. He is the perfect definition of Christianity...afterall, that's where it all started. Before judging Christians, please meet a REAL one (a down-to-earth one) to show you what it's all about. Not with words, but in their actions.
NOT A CHRISTIAN: *Person standing on a box, screaming, "YOU ARE GOING TO HELL"*.

A REAL CHRISTIAN: A person who is humble, who shows by their ACTIONS louder than their WORDS that they have something different(Jesus).
by JekkaRae June 29, 2005
A boy whose nice, kind, funny, cute, and himself. Who could ask for more? He'll always be there for you no matter what happens. He can be annoying like anyone, or that you don't need him sometimes. But the absence of him drives you insane. He's been through more then you could imagine, but when your in his arms, it just feels safe because you know you have him to guide you.
But even as friends he's perfect. He will ditch even a girlfriend that tries to mess with you. You could be in love with him and see him with another girl, but as long as he's happy you're happy. Yet if he's mad at you, you feel so ashamed and as if your a burden. Over all, hes the person that you haven't lived till you see him.
When I see Christian bells ring like the sound of a moving truck backing up.
#godsperfectcreation #love #bestfriendsforever #nostalgia #in love #trust #safe
by Whitney Delia-Bria January 31, 2009
a christian is someone who believes that jesus christ is the son of god and that he died for EVERYBODY'S sins. a REAL christian realizes that he/she is not perfect but tries to be more like jesus. a REAL christian wouldn't try to force their beliefs on others, so whoever thinks that obviously hasn't met a true christian. also, don't think that all christians are like george bush, cause i'm a christian and i'm not exactly a big fan of his....to say the least.
Non-Christian: So, I guess you like George Bush
Christian: Not even a little.
#christian #jesus #god #christ #salvation #beliefs
by Jimena January 17, 2008
People who follow Christ as the centre of their beliefs. They should accept that they are not perfect and that they need the love and forgiveness of Jesus to become whole again. They believe that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christians are not to be mistaken for hypocrites who follow a holier-than-thou attitude to life. Real Christians are humble and give all the praise back to Jesus.
"all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" (Romans 3:23)
by David Bunce July 27, 2005
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