Only the best music ever. True hardcore is music that screams with the passion and conviction of a soul that was in the depths of despair and is now released but still is persecuted. Hardcore lyrics are amazing.
Nodes of Ranvier, As I lay Dying, Underoath, Blindside(older stuff), Mewithoutyou, Emery(kind of), most stuff on Solid State some tooth and Nail. These are all good examples of Christian hardcore
Top Definition
1. An oxymoron.

2. Not hardcore at all, not even slightly hardcore
person1: dude i just ate 5 jam sandwiches!
person2: dude thats so christian hardcore

person1: i just knitted me sum socks!
person2: sounds christian hardcore
by shewlase October 24, 2009
A hardcore Christian genre of music
"What are you listening to?"
"Christian hardcore"
"Oh, is it any good?"
"Take a listen my metal head friend"
"Wow! These guys have actual LYRICS! They don't just scream into a mic, well they do that too sometimes, but they generally make SENSE! From now on, I'm listening to CHRISTIAN metal!"
by Link Gray August 29, 2007
yes, it does exist.
underoath anyone? pretty much best screamo band out there.
see also flyleaf.
superduper person- hi i like christian hardcore/screamo.

oh sweet angel of mercy with your grace like the morning
wrap your loving arms around me.
by hi i like your face kthx. May 17, 2007
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