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A hipster who is into Jesus and goes to church. Usually a Christian hipster is a year behind all usual hipster trends.
I met this Christian Hipster at Starbucks who JUST got into Vampire Weekend.
by lordofstuff November 10, 2011

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A christian young adult who sings, is part of a church plant, has a ton of Instagram followers, has bible studies at Starbucks, has Hebrew tattoos, uses a moleskin journal, and listens to Hillsong United and Elevation Worship, yet finds his/her identity in these things and not Christ
Guy 1: is that a moleskin journal?
Guy 2: yea man, I love it.
Guy 1: yea man, just don't become a christian hipster
Guy 2: thanks brother, Jesus first
by M.O.G. 21 July 25, 2014