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The moment when a regular churchgoer gets so fed up with all the bs that they stand up right in the middle of the service and deliver a searing expletive-laden tirade before storming out.
WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Does anyone here even know what the fuck is going on? All you people ever do is babble about meaningless bullshit and nothing ever gets done. You can't justify anything you've said, ever, and I'm not going to take this anymore! You're all full of shit! Fuck this, I'm out.

Wow, I think he just did a Christian Bail.
#heretic #apostate #irreligious #malcontent #lapsed
by kiwi_david August 14, 2010
Bail money put forth by the Catholic Church to release a priest from jail on molestation charges
Your Holiness, we have put up millions in Christian Bail- the gold-plated high-rise cathedral project must be put on hold for now
#christian bale #christian bailed #holy release #catholockdown #penitentiary pennance
by PaulAllensCard February 03, 2015
Act as if you have a reason to leave and then go.
I dont like freddie but I was stuck talking to him so I christian bailed out of there.
#leave #depart #batman #go #act
by peeche April 12, 2015
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