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A person who believes that Jesus Christ did exist but he was just a prophet.
Christian atheists believe in the morals that Christ taught, but reject that he was the Son of God
Melissa considered herself a Christian Atheist, she loved the idea to love one another but did not beleive Jesus was the Saviour.
by Glenn Griffiths August 29, 2006
A person who believes in God but lives as if He doesn't exist.
Aria says she believes God is real, but she goes out and parties and has sex with her boyfriend every weekend. She's such a Christian Atheist.
by IamKatieBear October 24, 2011
Someone who thanks God they're an atheist.
So, we know you're an atheist, but we still want to know ... are you a Christian atheist or a Muslim atheist?
by Fearman November 04, 2007
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