Tall, English, slightly emo boy living in Edinburgh, normally very smartly dressed and highly temperamental, generally found in the company of Sinead Russell or Robyn Gardner only alone when hunting manga books and/or with a menthol cigarette burning away in his hand, is often anti-social and prefers to watch over the situation than be a part of it.

This boy is a one of a kind and depressingly undervalued to a point when a thought crosses the mind that a small kidnapping would be the best thing for him. Despite a horrible and down trodden past he remains extremely polite and on rare occasions can be happy, hyper and bouncy, although if in dire case of losing his temper it is best to run for cover, as he will not be stopped until calm again.

He is a Pokémon geek and finds great pleasure in both games and episodes, often spotted wearing a rainbow hat, black and red spider scarf, green Mario life mushroom hoodie under a suit jacket and never without converse, rendering him near enough unmistakable. Enjoys bacon, steak, grapes, lollypops, toffee and lemon bonbons, fizzy sweets, apple juice, jack Daniels, cherry sourz, honeycomb along with many others including Richmond superking menthols.
An example is unavailable due to the undeniable fact that Christian Anansi Phoenix is a one of a kind and in no way replaceable, nor is any possible attempt at imitation acceptable.
by blackout 5534 March 11, 2009
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