Perfection, Beautiful, Amazing, Great in Bed, Fantastic Girlfriend.
Wow, last night was so good, her name must have been Christa.
by Katchu June 20, 2011
Top Definition
Noun: Christas are intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, open-minded and kind. Christas are comfortable being a dork because they're sexy as well. Christas have a natural talent for creating great food and doing all they can to please the ones they love.
Has a tendency to get a little obsessive but it's pretty much harmless. Christas love to fall in love and need to be careful not to hurt feelings unintentionally.
Her name may be Kate but she's obviously a Christa.
by tricky215 February 03, 2010
to pull a christa is to do something stupid and still look great while you are doing it
i feel down the stairs but my penis fell out and everyone was impressed

wow you pulled a christa
by Alex Harrison December 02, 2006
Verb. Underdressing with the mind.
I christed that girl up and down.-christa as past tense.
by tyler1234557576859 December 12, 2007
The embodiment of Tinker-belle; operates in a fairy-like state of mind, bothered by little; when angered becomes extremely vilotle, due to the disturbance of her aura.
That girl is delusional
well sometimes, I think she more of a Christa than an ass
by Ctheblackwidow February 03, 2010
They is a wonderful girl. They will make your day and you can never stay mad at her. Even when they messes up you could never stay mad at her. If they ever messes up make them feel better and be there for them they love people who will be there no matter what and will do anything just to see her. They will always have a great body and always be amazing in bed. If you ever meet a Christa get to know her and she is a very loving person. If you ever get the chance to date one be confident and talk to her about anything and ask what she wants to do. They love people who ask them what they want to do or what they want to talk about.
"I love Christa, she is a wonderful person and always there for you."
by cheetopuffs May 11, 2016
always keen for a laugh. christas think thier intelligent but usually they are quite dumb and have no common sense. but then they will study something intense like law to make people think they're smart !
Christas will have brown skin and naturally brown hair and thier eyes are a mouldy green. they also will be peitite but with large orangatang tities which are fun to squeeze !
BUT they will only let Tom's squeeze them because toms are amazing and have big cock-o-sauras's ! Christas love Toms and they have so mch fun and usually kinky times together!
girl 1: omg that guy and girl over there are having so much fun together its maing me lactate!

girl 2: yeah im jealous, they look so happy - they look like a tom and christa - im moist!
by big ol babe July 29, 2012
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