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Referring to a person or group of people who are exceptionally drunk and/or under the influence of a large amount of drugs, which causes a huge decrease in their decision making abilities; usually resulting in terrible choices which one would immediatley regret upon becoming sober.
Dan: Holy shit dude what happened to you last night?
Jon: Bro, I got so Chris drunk last night I banged that fat girl fromthe bar...
Dan: Yeah, but didn't you already banged her last week?? What's the big deal now?
Jon: Well last night before we fucked she told me she had herpes and she was falling in love with me...
Dan: Well what did you say??
Jon: "Let's fuck"
Dan: Wow dude, you were seriously Chris drunk last night...
Jon: I know bro, I know... I'll call you later, I gotta go meet this fat sluts parents and stop by CVS to pick up my prescription... ugh.
by IamME33 September 22, 2009
When you change your race to Native American and get blacked out drunk. This also results in kicking walls and anything that is bolted to the ground.
Bro, I just downed this 26... I'm gonna get Chris drunk tonight!
by Cescoto March 27, 2015
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