The creepiest man on youtube. Also a very gay guy. He needs his meds.
Chris Crocker: Leave Britney Alone!
by Salsayeah September 23, 2007
Youtube user whose instant internet celebrity status is mystifying. He posted a tearful video defending Britney Spears which was amusing for the first few views, but after the novelty wore off any sane person would get tired of "Chris Crocker this Chris Crocker that" and wish everyone would just shut the holy hell up.
Guy 1; "Hey I watched the Chris Crocker video"! It's funny!"
Guy 2; "Why?"
Guy 1; "Well he wears mascara and cries and he's obviously a drag queen!"
Guy 2; "Ha ha!"

*A week later*

Guy 3; "Hey I watched the Chris Crocker video"! It's funny!"
by Ghunt70 October 07, 2007
An openly gay man (who thinks of himself as a woman) who has recently become famous on Youtube for his video crying and having a breakdown about people criticizing Britney Spears' horrible VMA 2007 performance.
Have you heard about Chris Crocker?
Yeah, that guy/girl/thing really is a wacko, isn't it?
by Ikani September 23, 2007
A Cross dressing fag who got over a million views on youtube for having a nervous breakdown about brittney spears. His vid even reached to tv, and now reaches the most hated video on youtube

Youtuber:ya ya ya wutever u see kiss cocker, i hope u choke on someones balls u sperm goulping fag
by Ignoranus September 16, 2007
One of the most disturbing youtube personalities ever. He could most easily be identified as a wannabe transsexual. He is clearly a man trying to be a woman. Basically, he wants to be a girl, and he tries, but doesn't have the money for decent makeup, hair extensions, or surgery. He looks like he was dragged out of a brothel just yesterday. He probably dropped out of school in the eighth grade, to whore himself. He tries much to hard to be an advocate for gay rights, and much less importantly, Britney Spears. You may recognize him from the famous, "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE." It features him throwing a temper tantrum screaming, crying, and carrying on about the fat slut. Obviously has no respect for himself, or others for that matter. His entire look probably cost him about $14.70 from the local dollar tree.

Essentially, needs to keep his mouth shut.
Girl 1: Chris Crocker is awesome.

Girl 2: Fuck no! That shit is nasty. You might catch chlamydia just by watching his videos, God knows how much unprotected sex he's engaged in.
by !Olivia! August 09, 2008
Some sissy guy with no life who adores Britney Spears in a ridiculous way. He/She became pathetically famous after Britney's crappy performance on the MTVs 2007... Everybody was trashing Spears, when he/she spoke to the world, swimming in tears and defending Spears via YouTube... Glaring mistake!

Britney Crocker sissy fag
"Please leave me alooooone!"

"Oh, come on, don't be such a Chris Crocker, it's not gonna work"
by Jake-O September 18, 2007
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