to kick someone's ass intensely
dude,u better shut the f*uck up or i'm gonna chris brown your ass back to the ghetto!
by Maramag August 27, 2009
(v): to royally beat the shit out of someone.
Guy #1- I'm 'bout to Chris Brown you, foo!!
Guy #2- No! Please!!

Guy #3- Yo, did you see that?
Guy #4- Yeah, he totally Chris Browned that guy's ass.
by ShayShay1993 March 31, 2009
A man that will be somebody's baby daddy some day
Hey, you wanna Keauhna's kid Chris Brown?" "Hell yess!
by aanonamussss August 10, 2011
To smack somebody upside thier head for being an annoying bitch, doesnt neccesarily have to be your girlfriend but just any annoying bitch
guy 1- yo dude u saw wat daniel did to judy
guy 2- na wat he did ?
guy 1- he CHRISBROWNED her ass
guy 2- OD
by Jrjimenez February 10, 2009
Verb- To beat someone almost to death. So bad in fact, that it would be possible for the area's district attorney to possibly file attempted murder charges against you. Also possible for sexual assault, but usually the humiliation from the beating alone would be just as bad as said sexual assault.
After getting fired, I wanted to Chris-Brown my manager, Brihanna.
by whiteknighte March 03, 2009
(Verb) When you whoop a bitch's ass so bad you put her in the hospital.
Get me my food you stupid worthless bitch before I Chris Brown you.
by Philliesfan311 February 21, 2009
Due to the recent controversy about the abuse that Rihanna has suffered from Chris Brown. Chris Brown is a verb and now being referred to as a verb meaning, to physically abuse, injure someone.
Man my girl is really fucking naggin me about me cheating on her when I did no such thing. If she keep it up, Imma Chris Brown her ass.
by T3llyth@Kin9 April 08, 2009

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