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Wow he's so Chris Brown.
by TeamDarkstar August 07, 2009
116 36
when a guy beats up his girlfriend. named after the young R&B singer Chris Brown who beat up his girlfriend at the time, fellow recording artsit Rihanna.
That nigga just went Chris Brown on that bitch!

Shit, he's pullin' a Chris Brown!

I'll go Chris Brown on your ass, bitch!
by defin!ng the world August 02, 2009
108 34
(verb) To beat, cause harm, or hospitalize.
I Chris Brown baby seals
by holepuncher06 March 24, 2009
89 20
He is this generation's Bobby Brown and an example of a R&B career going down the drain faster than Bobby Brown's own career. The shit has really hit the fan for both of them.
Chris Brown has truely found his soul mate: Bobby Brown.
by TheLastFirstborn June 15, 2009
90 22
v. 1. To beat a girlfriend, spouse, or significant other. 2. A celebrity who beats their significant other regardless of media coverage.

"My boyfriend went all Chris Brown on me and now my face is bruised."

"Quiet down woman, or I'm gonna go Chris brown on you!"
by CeCe123 April 04, 2009
90 22
To beat and abuse someone.
He told her to shut up before he Chris Brown her.
by koox March 20, 2009
98 31
Verb- to deal a blow or stroke to; to strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly; to strike repeatedly so as to cause painful injury; to inflict repeated blows as punishment, to show superior strength; to give heavy and repeated blows, often with the fist.
Some of the criminals Chris Brown their victims viciously before robbing them.


Keep getting on my nerves and I will Chris Brown you.
by TriangleSquare March 09, 2009
93 31