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Domestic violence caused by a very popular male.
Man #1: Why did Molly call the police on Jimmy?
Man # 2: Cause he just did a Chris Brown and molly-whopped her ass.
by 4real2 March 05, 2009
- n. name of famous RnB artist who bitch slapped and pimp slapped his girl (Rihanna).
- v. (trans.) to beat up; to bitch slap; to pimp slap
Boy: WTF?! Did you just see that chick with the dick? I...
Girl: Yo! Imma let you finish. But last night I had the best dream of all time.
Boy: Don't Kanye me or I'll Chris Brown you!
by apple_dapple January 17, 2010
a male Hitting a female in an abusive mannor. Causing brusing and or bleeding.

You better shut up before i chris brown yo bitch ass!

Yo that chick just got chris browned.
by Nathadeous February 28, 2009
the action of lashing out and or hitting someone.
"Don't make me go Chris Brown on You."
by cruzatti April 02, 2009
The action of beating the crap out of someone, that leads to major bruises and scars.
Boy: Hey babe, can you pass me the chips?

Girl: Why don't you get it yourself?

Boy: Girl...don't make me Chris Brown ya ass!
by Himay February 27, 2009
Wow he's so Chris Brown.
by TeamDarkstar August 07, 2009
when a guy beats up his girlfriend. named after the young R&B singer Chris Brown who beat up his girlfriend at the time, fellow recording artsit Rihanna.
That nigga just went Chris Brown on that bitch!

Shit, he's pullin' a Chris Brown!

I'll go Chris Brown on your ass, bitch!
by defin!ng the world August 02, 2009