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(v) To beat someone, esp. a woman
Man, she made you spill pop on yourself? I'd totally Chris Brown her.
by Wynterkiss April 07, 2009
139 35
To repeatedly deliver a pride-obliterating bitch slap. Preferably to a woman; Even if she has done nothing wrong.
Did you see the Mike Tyson fight a few years ago? He totally went Chris Brown on that guy's ass!

bitch slappride-obliteratingbitchslaprhiannapunishhurtteach a lessondominate
by xjack0lantrnx February 25, 2011
139 36
To physically abuse, harm, or damage the face of a female, most commonly Rhianna. Immediatly after, one must "run it" into hiding.
Girl: I ate the last slice of pizza

Guy: Bitch I will Chris Brown you!

Girl: Oh no! not my face
by Shanon Brown February 21, 2009
139 36
To beat a woman to the point that she is bruised and bleeding.
Sandy, if you don't stop i'm going to chris brown you later tonight, you just wait and see.
by Sleepypandabear March 06, 2009
142 40
A slang term used to describe an act of domestic violence or abuse.
"Sarah's eye is all bruised, what happened to her?"

"Oh, her BF gave her the Chris Brown."
by JG112 February 26, 2009
152 50
Ah, this a new phrase that has derived from this young R&B singer Chris Brown. His name now is known for beating women after assaulting his girlfriend. So, 'Chris Brown' is now being used as a warning before prior slapping/ass-whooping/ drop-kicking (Whatever you want to call it).
"Bitch don't make me 'Chris Brown' ya ass"
by amiablemichelle March 03, 2009
158 59
To physically beat someone so severely that they become unrecognizable. Specifically to hit, punch, maul, slap, headlock, choke, bite, and do everything possible you can think to someone with the intention of killing them. To seriously whoop someones ass until they are covered with contusions all over their body. You know you've Chris Browned your girlfriend when you cheat on her, beat her to a pulp and she comes back to you
If that bitch doesn't shut up right now, ima Chris Brown her ass!

Ill Chris Brown your ass if you read my text messages!
by christopher breezy March 08, 2009
119 29