to physically raise your hand upon a bitch or person that has ticked you off or needs it bad. Or to satisfy ones need to blow off some steam
I need to chris brown a bitch

AHHHHHHHH! wtf bitch (smack)
By-stander: damn you just gave her a well-placed chris brown on that bitch she aint try nothin like that again yah heard!
by ONtime February 10, 2009
(Verb) 1. The act of beating ones girlfriend or wife.
That bitch was tramping around, so when she came home I totally Chris Browned her ass
by Nixon420 February 22, 2009
- n. name of famous RnB artist who bitch slapped and pimp slapped his girl (Rihanna).
- v. (trans.) to beat up; to bitch slap; to pimp slap
Boy: WTF?! Did you just see that chick with the dick? I...
Girl: Yo! Imma let you finish. But last night I had the best dream of all time.
Boy: Don't Kanye me or I'll Chris Brown you!
by apple_dapple January 17, 2010
Domestic violence caused by a very popular male.
Man #1: Why did Molly call the police on Jimmy?
Man # 2: Cause he just did a Chris Brown and molly-whopped her ass.
by 4real2 March 05, 2009
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