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to physically raise your hand upon a bitch or person that has ticked you off or needs it bad. Or to satisfy ones need to blow off some steam
I need to chris brown a bitch

AHHHHHHHH! wtf bitch (smack)
By-stander: damn you just gave her a well-placed chris brown on that bitch she aint try nothin like that again yah heard!
by ONtime February 10, 2009
To beat a woman up. Using various methods is allowed. Slapping, Hitting, Biting, and Punching.
I'm about to go Chris Brown on her face if she doesn't start listening to me.
by Chris Browns Hand February 21, 2009
To violently beat a person
Eddie: yo man craig is getting out of line
Bobby: you better Chris Brown that fool
by thasdlfknasdfknasdflkn February 11, 2009
(v) To smack a bitch up for various reasons.
Did you see Lindsey? Her boyfriend totally chris browned her.
by mitchell_h February 21, 2009
(954) 226 7343
Chris brown should not be forgiven
by everyonewillknow July 28, 2009
(v) To beat someone, esp. a woman
Man, she made you spill pop on yourself? I'd totally Chris Brown her.
by Wynterkiss April 07, 2009
To repeatedly deliver a pride-obliterating bitch slap. Preferably to a woman; Even if she has done nothing wrong.
Did you see the Mike Tyson fight a few years ago? He totally went Chris Brown on that guy's ass!

bitch slappride-obliteratingbitchslaprhiannapunishhurtteach a lessondominate
by xjack0lantrnx February 25, 2011