An awesome singer. Chris has it all, looks and money! I love him so much!
I'll love to wake up and look at Chris Brown's gorgeous face EVERY morning.
by Crazy4music July 17, 2008
Lets just say theres no one else out there like him!
RED HEAD GIRL: OMG!!@#$%^&*()_+! thats i think thats chris brown!

BROWN HAIRED GIRL:AHH it IS! o my gawd hes so sexi and talented all in one...THERES NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE LIKE HIM with an acception of the jonas brothers,JT,will smith,and BRAD PITT!! AHHHHHHHH
by Diamone (pronounced Diamond) June 13, 2008
the sexiest most gorgeous hot man in the universe ! idc what the haters say bout him his fan base is not tween girls and little gay boys, its practically every teenage girl in the united states and more.. so F the haterss. Also chris brown is rumored to be going out with rihanna, breaking many hearts across the country.
Chris Brown is fly.
by jamiii August 14, 2008

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