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Full name Christopher Maurice Brown and born in Tappahannock Virginia,he the sexiest r&b singer you will ever see. He can sing, dance, act, and he has the best ideas for matching clothes. He's coming out with a t.v. show and a clothing line. He's been in 3 movies and has appeared on tons of shows, awards, etc. If you have never heard of him then you are very behind on the music and acting industries.The songs he has released are Run It, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Gimme That, Poppin', Wall to Wall, Kiss Kiss, With You, and Take You Down. He has also been featured in the songs Umbrella Remix by Rihanna, and No Air by Jordin Sparks. He is the new R&B Prince and anybody else better watch out.
Some lyrics to With You by Chris Brown. I need you boo I gotta see you boo and the hearts all over the world tonight said the hearts all over the world tonight
by ~*Leenay*~ April 12, 2008
Da most sexyest man dat u will ever see in your life
omg did u see chris brown on tv last night he looked so dame fine I'd tap dat in a heart beat
by breezy_baby March 25, 2008
1. A popular R&B singer/dancer/songwriter born May 5, 1989 in Tappahannock, VA. Known for his chart topping hits Run It, Kiss Kiss, With You, Take You Down, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Gimme That, Turntables by Ciara and Forever.

2. A talented singer/dancer who is currently being blasted and constantly hated on for alleged charges that have no standing ground because all evidence supposedly found has failed to be presented to the defense since said "evidence" came up, including a certain leaked photo. Not suspicious at all.
Girl: OMG I love that new song "Turntables"
with Chris Brown on Ciara's album!

Girl #2: I know! Even though it has a bit too much going on in the back.
by young_1 May 09, 2009
A now 21 year old singer who just recently got the number 1 song (Deuces) AND Movie (Takers) who is talented and famous for singing, dancing, acting, drawling, and charming the ladies. He has many haters (who lowkey loves him) but much more fans (team breezy) So while broke bitches hate, Chris Brown will continue to be successful.
"I'm on some new shit, i'm chuckin my deuces up to her"

Chris brown matrix song and video coming soon!
by Deuceshaterszs August 30, 2010
a R&B singer who is now 21. he started his career when he was about 15-16 yrs old. his first single was Run It. He is very talented and can dance his but off!! battle him and prepared to get shut down!! his voice is amazing and so is his face!! Chris Brown is super sexy!! great smile, great body, even better voice!! is a sweetheart.....he has 3 cds
1) debut album- chris brown
2)chris brown- eXclusive

3) chris brown- Graffiti
has some mixtapes out (in my zone and fan of a fan with tyga) probably some more out there!! GO LISTEN TO THEM ESPICALLY FAN OF A FAN YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! Chris is just pretty much freakn awsome and yeah I love him forever and ever!!! I could go on all day about how good he looks and how amazing he is!! #TEAMBREEZY BAYBE!!!!
I'm Not Looking For Love, Cause She's Gone
So Tell All The Girls That The Bottles On Us
Get Your Drink On
I Just Wanna Have A Good Time And Keep You Off My Mind
Find A Lil Shawty I Like
Girl When I'm Up In The Club, Really Turnt Up
I Ain't Goin Think About You (Na Na Na Na)
(Aye Aye Aye) Ain't Thinking About You Tonight - ~CHRIS BROWN~
by nana muffin July 30, 2010
The sexiest man on the planet Earth!! has the best music and the dopest dancing skills he did make mistakes but all of his true fans still LOVE him and will forever<333333
Chris Brown Hater:but he beat RI-RI
Chris Brown Lover: Who the fuck cares we still love him and his music
by livy brown July 13, 2010
A Singer/Dancer/Actor Who Is Sexy As Fuck.
Girl: Have You Seen Chris Brown's New Video?
Boy: What? Take You Down?
Girl: Yeah! He Looks So Freakin Hot In It! I Had An Orgasm Just Watching It!
Boy: Yeah Me Too! He Could Defo Take Me Down!
Girl: Back Off! He's Mine!
Boy: Get Off Him Biotch!

*Bitch Fight*
by MRSCHRiiSBROWN August 10, 2008