The act of committing domestic violence in a dancey, high energy way.
Tim - "Dude, why is your face bruised up?"
Mike - "Shelly kicked me in the face eight times while she was dancing, she went totally Chris Brown on me"
by Sherlock24 April 07, 2009
(Verb)- To physically beat a woman, in many cases, a Rhianna (See Rhianna)
Bitch, stfu before I Chris Brown your ass.
by TheJesusDictionary February 12, 2009
To kick ones ass ie... Rhianna
"yo Tom. I was at the bar last night and some guy kicked the shit out of his girl"
" Oh so he Chris browned her ass"
by joshyboy199 March 10, 2009
The act of pimp slapping and choking a female out of consciousness. Usually used As a verb.
"You didn't have to Chris Brown her! What the fuck are we going to do with her body?"
by dannymitch February 11, 2009
Young American R&B singer from Tappenhook.
Biggest hit songs include 'Run it' and 'With you'
Loved for his amazing lyrics, voice, dance moves
and killer looks.

Girl: I love Chris Brown! Talk about sexayyyy!!!
Boy: Meh, s'arite. Good songs.
by Kiran. . .x February 27, 2008
A word used to describe when a man gets incredibly angry at a women.
There's no need to go all Chris Brown on me just because I rejected you.
by Tetrismaster April 08, 2009
(noun) A ferocious woman beater. Oh yeah, and he's a hip-hop star.
(verb) To brutally harm or injure your woman in a car just because she asked why your ex called you many times

Both words MUST be capitalized.
"Girl you better shut up before I go Chris Brown on your ass!"
by Rodney Kong April 08, 2009

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