When you choke, beat up or slap your girlfriend or any person.

To threaten her/him then leave her/him or any person the scene where beaten.

This Performance is known from Chris Brown's acts towards his girlfriend.
Chris Brown a bitch!

Yo I'm CB you!
I'am about to go CB on you!
by LeexxaTa February 13, 2009
An R&B artist who beat up Rhianna and fled from the scene after she called the cops on him.
Tannkia: " Jerome I know you be seeing another girl. Don't chu lie to me"

Jerome:" Bitch, don't be accusing me before I pull a Chris Brown on yo ass!"
by tonnia7633 March 09, 2009
Noun: A young R&B Singer
Verb: To give someone a beatdown.
If she complains one more time, I'ma Chris Brown that b*tch.
by NasFanGeniusBOOOYYY March 23, 2009
NOUN: Someone who abuses women for pleasure and goes against one's owns original believes and morality.

Verb:The act of brutally abusing a woman to the point of disfiguring her face.
Stop beating on your woman, don't be a chris brown.

Yo if you don't do as I say, I will go chris brown on your ass.
by Gianni09WHHH March 21, 2009
Give somebody a beat down as Chris Brown did to Rihanna.
Don't make me Chris Brown your ass.

Chris Brown that bitch!
by Mostskillz March 07, 2009
(verb) to physically abuse a female
You hear about Mike? He Chris Brown'd his girlfriend.
by Milanoo February 20, 2009
The act of committing domestic violence in a dancey, high energy way.
Tim - "Dude, why is your face bruised up?"
Mike - "Shelly kicked me in the face eight times while she was dancing, she went totally Chris Brown on me"
by Sherlock24 April 07, 2009

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