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v. To beat up.
"I Chris Browned that bitch last night!"
by zeno twa March 31, 2009
(verb.) to brutally beat, in most cases a women, over a specific want; to domestically harm or cause injury
Dammit Rihanna! Make me a nice dinner before I chris brown yo ass!

I swear I'm going to chris brown you if you don't stop talking.

Don't worry Becky, I would never chris brown you for stupid reasons.
by cameron.dunlap March 22, 2009
To be beaten or choked out
Man: Hey did...
Woman: sshhh
Man: Don't sshhh me or i'll Chris Brown you!!!
by jaydub187 February 13, 2009
a very high level of anger.

Synonyms: fury, rage, vehemence, wrath
"On a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how mad are you?"
by lucreamer February 22, 2010
Verb: The act of violently beating your sexual partner after finding out that you got an STD from them.
"I Chris Browned my wife when she told me she had herpes 3 days after I giggoogidied her gaflavity with my googus."
by rednynja December 27, 2009
former r&b teen heartthrob, once loved for his voice and dance moves, now only known for going insane and pounding on his sweet, bajan girlfriend; a crazy woman beater.
my girlfriend was sassing me all day. i didnt just free the beast on her...i chris brown'd that bitch!
by bananapunch March 07, 2009
The act of ruining one's career by pounding on a girls face and turning it into one huge road map.
Yo i Chris Browned her. Now I don't have to worry about buying that GPS.
by DaGame March 02, 2009