An apparent metrosexual singer/dancer who,due to skillful manipulation through the media of the rap/hip-hop fanbase, has garnered much support as of late, though the subject matter of his songs hardly concern that of his colleagues or to what his new supporters formerly listened to.

Perhaps the future of the Rap/Hip-Hop/R & B scene, and if so a gigantic step over the derivative,incoherent, and disgustingly repetitive nature of Rap/Hip-Hop/R & B scene immediately previous to his fame and discovery.

Should not be hated or written off as another one of the several recent BET-frequenting hooligans who will be long forgotten five years from now.
"I saw Chris Brown getting a pedicure the other day....kind of weird."

"MTV says to like Chris Brown!"

"Even if MTV didn't say to like Chris Brown I'd still like him because he isn't a hooligan!"
by The end of all Hope August 17, 2007
(verb.) to brutally beat, in most cases a women, over a specific want; to domestically harm or cause injury
Dammit Rihanna! Make me a nice dinner before I chris brown yo ass!

I swear I'm going to chris brown you if you don't stop talking.

Don't worry Becky, I would never chris brown you for stupid reasons.
by cameron.dunlap March 22, 2009
v. To beat up.
"I Chris Browned that bitch last night!"
by zeno twa March 31, 2009
When you choke, beat up or slap your girlfriend or any person.

To threaten her/him then leave her/him or any person the scene where beaten.

This Performance is known from Chris Brown's acts towards his girlfriend.
Chris Brown a bitch!

Yo I'm CB you!
I'am about to go CB on you!
by LeexxaTa February 13, 2009
a very high level of anger.

Synonyms: fury, rage, vehemence, wrath
"On a scale of 1 to Chris Brown, how mad are you?"
by lucreamer February 22, 2010
The act of ruining one's career by pounding on a girls face and turning it into one huge road map.
Yo i Chris Browned her. Now I don't have to worry about buying that GPS.
by DaGame March 02, 2009
Verb: The act of violently beating your sexual partner after finding out that you got an STD from them.
"I Chris Browned my wife when she told me she had herpes 3 days after I giggoogidied her gaflavity with my googus."
by rednynja December 27, 2009

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