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Chris Brown, verb:

To needlessly and violently beat someone in response to a slight provocation.

(orig. 2009) According to news and police reports, R & B star Chris Brown attacked girlfriend Rihanna after she expressed outrage over a suggestive text message. She then threw his car keys out into the street, prompting a frenzied, outraged response from Brown.
"Your sister looked a bit sick at that party last night."
"You best not be talking shit about my sister or I'll Chris Brown your dumb ass."

"She said my friends were drunk and unruly so I Chris Browned the bitch."
by Der Springer February 11, 2009
a wife/girlfriend beater/abuser.
Man 1: "Dude, yesterday my girlfriend was back-talking me so I slapped that bitch!"

Man 2: "Hey man, that's not even funny. you're such a chris brown. don't talk to me."
by GuiltyHousecat February 21, 2009
To beat up your girl friend or wife so badly that jail is imminent. Like Bobbie Brown, James Brown, Kci, Ike Turner, etc.
Better calm down before I do a Chris Brown on your ass.
by keylogger February 21, 2009
An act that involves beating up a very cute girl by a guy who is possibly a descendant of James Brown and Bobby Brown.

An act where a good looking guy "no homo" smacks a very gorgeous girl after he has found out that she gave him an STD (herpes)

Any R&B singer with a last name "Brown" is to be avoided by girls and women because they have been proven to be violent with their women and ruin careers.
Guy 1:
Hey man did you hear what happened to Beyonce?

Guy 2: No what happened?

Guy 1:
Jay-Z just went Chris Brown on her now she wont perform at the white house Christmas ball.
by Black Rich February 11, 2009
A verb. It is the action of breaking someone's jaw.
Q: How did the fight go last night?

A: I totally Chris Browned him. He will be eating out of a tube for months.
by P'thon February 09, 2009
To beat mercilessly. Most commonly used as a distasteful action verb in jest in regards to a woman.
I swear if that bitch gave me herpes I'll Chris Brown her ass.
by Flipyoutoo March 03, 2009
A bitch slappin pimp who used to have a good career.
If you don't shut the hell up, Imma Chris Brown yo ass!
by Lemony Snickett February 10, 2009