To beat someone physically.
1. I'm gonna Chris Brown that ho if she keeps talkin shit.

2. I just Chris Brown'd that bitch.
by c.chuen February 20, 2009
to beat or hit upon a spouse.
You better watch it girl...before i chris brown your ass!
by cool ass chris February 13, 2009
any act of violence against a woman
He straight Chris Browned her in the jaw!
by chi city real talk February 10, 2009
To savagely beat your girlfriend.
"Am I going to have to Chris Brown this hoe?!"
by ralph santos February 26, 2009
a form of clothing. more formally known as a tank top, these articles of clothing are also made reference to the ones rednecks wear, hence getting the name wife beaters.

now that it has been shown that chris brown beats women, we are forced to conclude that a chris brown is the same thing as a wife beater.

guy 1: "whatcha wearing"

guy 2: "guess"

guy 1: "I dunno, a wife beater?"

guy 2: "no, a chris brown"
by babygus February 10, 2009
To physically abuse someone to the max.
Better watch out, I'm gonna Chris Brown you!
by Daviee February 12, 2009
-the action of abusing someone, more particularly your girlfriend.
Shut up, before I Chris Brown your @$$!
by kwyjiboe February 20, 2009

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