-verb: to physically abuse (backhand, beat, bite) one's partner
I Chris Brown-ed my girlfriend when she bad mouthed my mom
by NoAbuse March 07, 2009
Chris Brown: (v.)
1.to sock female (or male) in the kisser until she calls the cops.
2. to pimp slap a woman so hard she knocked out cold
3. A dude that beat up his so called girlfriend Rihanna after she took him back.
ex. I am about to Chris Brown a bitch!
ex. that breezy's gonna sock a wind like hell bitch!
ex. damn he's like the wind! she broke it hard like ouch from behind!
by Chris Breezy Biotches March 06, 2009
Two meanings: The first meaning to assault, batter, beat up , attack, or destroy something or someone

The second meaning an object that has already been detroyed, disfigured, or just plained wrecked
dude he totally chris browned that guy that owed him money

man u better calm down or hes gonna chris brown you

2: guy 1- that car totally looks chris browned
guy-2 why?
guy 1- cuz look how beat up it is

by el patron 13 February 26, 2009
to beat or hit upon a spouse.
You better watch it girl...before i chris brown your ass!
by cool ass chris February 13, 2009
V. - To violently beat your girlfriend to death and then immediately roll dice in a back alley with your homeboys.

Also see O.J. Simpson
-Woman, I would Chris Brown ur ass right now if I had 8 dollars.
by MightyMcGloin May 12, 2010
To savagely beat your girlfriend.
"Am I going to have to Chris Brown this hoe?!"
by ralph santos February 26, 2009
To beat someone physically.
1. I'm gonna Chris Brown that ho if she keeps talkin shit.

2. I just Chris Brown'd that bitch.
by c.chuen February 20, 2009
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