When your women acts up and starts running her mouth, acting like a bitch. you smack her across the face a couple times and bite her. Then you take off from the scene
"yo, my girl was being a bitch last night so i had to chris brown that bitch "
by YoungC44 February 25, 2009
n. an R&B singer
v. to smack a bitch upside her head
"OMG I'm going to Chris Brown's show tonight"

"Don't make me Chris Brown your ass bitch, now make me a sandwich!"
by JazzyCohort February 10, 2009
A typical sell out piece of shit artist only made popular by his sheep fans. Attempting to sing about shit that only 15 year old girls would care about, he has earned the love of most fuckwits out there. Chris Brown sports clothing in music videos that would be cool on anyone else but him, as he has no clue in the fucking world what they are.

Often mistaken for AIDS, which is a sexually transmitted disease.

To his credit, the one thing he got right was beating up Rihanna, the female version of Chris Brown.
Chris Brown: Thank you for coming tonight!

Sick cunt: Fuck you asshole. You suck!
by Lollerballz. June 13, 2009

Means to physically beat/abuse one's spouse/girlfriend.

Originates from the singer Chris Brown, when he beat his girlfriend
hey you better be careful or ima chris brown yo ass
by ~`1234567890-=+ May 20, 2009
verb. to senselessly and mercilessly beat another human being, esp. in the face
oh shit dude, he chris browned your ass.
by superman0730 May 01, 2009

the act in which a male partakes in abusing or attacking a young female
ima chris brown you !

watch out hes about to go chris brown on you!
by pandita510 March 11, 2009
1. pimp-slapping a woman.
2. domestic violence, 'from the highly publicized Chris Brown/Rihanna incident.'
That bitch was actin up, so that nigga Chris Brown'd that hoe.
by CANT THINK OF NAME March 09, 2009
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