verb meaning to beat
yo man he chris browned her
by j dizzle15 March 05, 2009
To physically assault someone, definition based from R&B singer Chris Brown beating his girlfriend, Rihanna.
Don't make me have to come over there and Chris Brown ya bitch ass.
by YouBigCatYouBigPussy February 22, 2009
n. an R&B singer
v. to smack a bitch upside her head
"OMG I'm going to Chris Brown's show tonight"

"Don't make me Chris Brown your ass bitch, now make me a sandwich!"
by JazzyCohort February 10, 2009
After Choking a whore and giving her a Dirty Sanchez, take her money, driver's liscence, and shave all her hair. Then drop her off at the nearest gas station.
I gave linsey lohan a Chris Brown after that bitch gave me herpes.
by Dik'n'ass June 22, 2009

Means to physically beat/abuse one's spouse/girlfriend.

Originates from the singer Chris Brown, when he beat his girlfriend
hey you better be careful or ima chris brown yo ass
by ~`1234567890-=+ May 20, 2009
verb. to senselessly and mercilessly beat another human being, esp. in the face
oh shit dude, he chris browned your ass.
by superman0730 May 01, 2009
v - to severely beat the shit out of someone
"Man, I gotta Chris Brown that nigga for trying to steal my girlfriend"
by joeyk-town April 16, 2009

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