The act of threatening and beating a women black and blue. The beating takes place inside or near a vehicle.
Man, If I ever see that chick again, I am gonna Chris Brown her ass.
by DalHam March 06, 2009
to beat a chick up like chris brown did rihanna
I will chris brown this chick if she lies again.
by hustle4dagreen March 02, 2009
1. Male African American R&B artiste
2. To inflict damage on a female
Example 2: When Josh heard that Kathy was cheating on him he Chris Brown that bitch
by defenition_of_definition March 01, 2009
A person of any race who has a minor case of down syndrome/retardedness like the actual Chris Brown.
That dude is totally a Chris Brown
by x407chillinx September 06, 2009
Verb: To beat up someone,particularly a female. 2) having an altercation within a relationship that results in the total beatdown of one or both parties involved.
"That bitch got on my last nerve so I had to Chris brown her ass!"

"Did you see that fight? That ni**a got Chris Browned!"
by Flyy Girl June 04, 2009

the act in which a male partakes in abusing or attacking a young female
ima chris brown you !

watch out hes about to go chris brown on you!
by pandita510 March 11, 2009
To hit or bite.
If you dont make me food ima have to chris brown you!
by Nay. March 07, 2009

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