Basically the Houdini (in which you spit on a girls back while doing her from behind, and then jizz in her eye when she turns around), except with two dudes.
Dude, I totally Chris Angeled my boyfriend last night, and he was fucking pissed.
by Chin0 April 06, 2007
Top Definition
A not-so-popular magician that has created TV shows, "Chris Angel: Mindfreak" of his work. He takes a metal genre image on through his show, appearance, and audience. He performs stunts as well as tricks, mainly phsycology.
Guy: Chris Angel is on tonight
Guy2: So?
by mousemutant June 10, 2006
The act or "illusion" of disappearing to your bed after a long evening. Usually associated with intoxication or in some cases extreme tiredness.
"Dude, you totally pulled a Chris Angel last night and disappeared!"

"My mom Angels to bed every night without a trace, sometimes she returns in a mid-Angel to quiet us down."

"Where's Jerry going?"

-"He's Angeling."
by Cleese August 01, 2012
When your doing a girl from the back you start yellin who is the mindfreak repeatly until she scream you are thats when you smack her in the face with your cock and say
Chris Angel is a mind freak
Jordan: Hey guess wat I did last night
Lamar: What you do now
Jordan: I gave my girl a Chris Angel
Lamar: Your a fuckin mind freak
Jordan: I know
by Jordan Fuller March 14, 2008
Chris Angel, also know as The Satanic Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer
MindFreak is defined at the beginning of his show, this definiton proving him Chris Angel as the Silver Surfer
by Andy161991 June 05, 2007
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