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The most awesome guy to ever walk the earth, is so awesome that he only needs to wear a top hat to pick up chicks. All guys want to be him, and all thing girls wanna be with him.
Girl 1: Hey did you see that guy with that top hat?

Girl 2: Oh yeh, thats Chris.

*Girl 1 faints*

Girl: Chris, top hats don't pick up chicks!

*Chris puts on top hat*

*Girl faints*
by Netheri July 03, 2011
The man of your dreams. Generally a guy you meet in high school. Has a great personality that can lighten up the mood in any given situation. Has great hair, great personality, and a great body. He can be your best friend forever or your worst enemy, but either ways, you'll end up falling for him.
Girl 1: "That guy over there is so cute! I wish I got to know him."
Girl 2: " That's my friend Chris! He's amazing, you should get to know him!"
by All the hoes get naked <3 June 29, 2011
best guy at under-the-influence sex. will never need viagra. Also, sometimes loves to scare kids with chainsaws. has a very attractive tush
chainsaw noise...
there's chris
by uhhhh12345678989 June 13, 2011
A totally gorgeous man, usually wears brightly coloured T-shirts.

Likes to dance with "gunfingers" and honestly believes he has "moves"

Hates making decisions and Peas.
If you find a "Chris" then, girls you should hang on to him for life. He's a keeper!
Girl 1 "Look at that guy over there......Yummeh!!"

Girl2 "He is a total Chris! Look at his moves...only he can truely pull off gunfingers with bare ghetto style!"

Girl 1 "Agreed!!"
by MOOSEY-KINS May 07, 2011
The most amazingly awesome guy to ever live on earth. He always knows how to make me smile and can make me laugh no matter how I'm feeling. He always knows just what to say and when to say it. He has the most amazing eyes that are a mix of green and brown. He has long curly black hair and is extremely sexy although he doesn't see it. He is like the sun, always warm and happy. He is always so kind, generous,loving, funny, smart and sincere. When he is around nothing else in the world matters. He is truly perfect but does not believe it.
i love you Chris (:
by firey06 April 20, 2011
Chris's are the best guy friend a girl can have. They are sweet, kind, sincere, funny, and smart. You can talk to them hours on end and never run out of anything they say. They may be unsure of their intelligence at first, but with a little encouragement they know they can be successful. They are always honest with you and very loyal. Everyone needs to have a Chris or Christopher in there life :)
Girl A: "Did you see that guy over there? He is the sweetest guy ever!"

Girl B: "Yeah I did and I know he is my friend Chris, you should get to know him he is an amazing person!"
by dancer98 February 07, 2011
The most incredible boy you will ever meet. He's charming, witty, intelligent, funny and has the most beautiful eyes in the entire world. He's attractive and you will find him unbeatably irresistible!
Person 1: OMG! I'm totally under his spell!
Person 2: Yeah, everything about Chris is so sexy.
by gorgeous_glamour January 02, 2011