The answer to all of lives problems and meaning of life. The power of everything
guy 1) I'm so stressed out I want to die!

guy 2) just let the chris happens, it has a meaning for it.
by dracublah July 06, 2009
A really hot guy that has an extremely HUGE penis.

Also a term for a good looking hottie that ladies would love to have their way with.

Did you see that hot Chris? I'd like to beat his **** like it owes me money and then *** all over his face!
by Blue Eyes 4253 March 30, 2009
A crazy ass guy that went to your highschool.
Chris was the craziest kid I remember, like that one time he got a referral for splashing in a puddle. Or the other time he got suspended for dipping a tampon in red soda!
by anonqq January 21, 2009
God of the human race. Most respected human walking the face of the earth. Best trumpet player there is.
He's just like a Chris! He's hot and sexy too!
by raNdomized September 21, 2008
Chris is a fgt fuckboy tbh.
by fgtprincess January 21, 2015
A really hot teddy bear.
A: Do you like to cuddle with him?
B: Yea, he's a Chris.
by Randombeauty465 October 04, 2014
The name that belongs to one of the most amazing people alive. Usually a hot guy but doesn`t really get complimented for his astounding looks. A very funny guy who every girl LOVES! He usually will like a girl but doesn`t tell anyone, not even his close friends, meaning he is can be REALLY shy at times.
"You see Chris over there, I kinda like him."

Girl1- "You see that guy over there?"
Girl2- "Yea."
Girl1- "Isn`t he kinda cute?"
Girl2- "OMG IKR!!"
by bladabladabloopbloop February 10, 2014

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