A sexy beast who always comes to the rescue. He helps you recover from the typical douche-bag boyfriend. A penguin-lover by nature, he can be seen on the football field or at his hot college girlfriend's unsupervised house. Also, he has a massively huge cock, but always gets himself into trouble by betting chipotle. Beware: if this specimen begins to sing screamo put your fingers in your ears because the result could be deadly.
Chris, stop talking about penguins.

Chris, you're hurting me, go slower.

Chris, you are not the lead singer of disturbed.
by McHeffey October 27, 2008
Chris is one of the best guys to ever walk the earth! He's really funny, sweet, kind. And gets tons of girls. Has the biggest penis you have ever seen! Loves short brunettes! And is a great boyfriend. Not good at keeping relationships, but tries his best. Usually popular and is the class clown. Overall the best fucking guy to walk the face of the earth
Damn I really wish I was Chris, he's amazing!
by _coolestguuy714 December 18, 2015
A Sexy Russian Dolphin. Loved even though he can be an idiot and an ass at times. Loves the coconut!
Chris: "#Cocophin"
by Wolfie83 February 11, 2014
The most amazing, beautiful, guy in the world.
He has incredible eyes, a smile that makes you weak in the knees, and a body like woaaaah.

He also is always with this girl who's really ugly and bitchy who is just terrible. She thinks she's all that but in reality she's not.

But he is loved by a girl who is willing to accept his flaws, and is willing to wait for him to ditch the other girl, so ladies, stay away from this one! XD
He's such a Chris, he can't stick with one girl for long... I hope I'm next!

Why can't there be more Chris's in the world?
by lonelymusicalhippiesoulchild June 25, 2010
The answer to all of lives problems and meaning of life. The power of everything
guy 1) I'm so stressed out I want to die!

guy 2) just let the chris happens, it has a meaning for it.
by dracublah July 06, 2009
Fuck Chris! He is gay! He lies about a lot of shit. He lies and shit lies about the most unbelievable things.
Chris: I am going die
Me: fuck you nigga
by Chrisdaliar October 09, 2015
A man who will do anything to get a pair, if not multiple pairs, of testicles in his mouth.
Chris really loves waking up with a pair of balls in his mouth.
by charchar88 August 20, 2014
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