best guy at under-the-influence sex. will never need viagra. Also, sometimes loves to scare kids with chainsaws. has a very attractive tush
chainsaw noise...
there's chris
by uhhhh12345678989 June 13, 2011
He soft where it counts and tough when it counts. He has the most beautiful eyes, and whose appearance is stunning and presence is undeniable. He is adorable, and witty as hell, the smartest, most talented and bright man out there. He isnt afraid to show how big his heart is to the people he loves, and sure as hell isnt scared to hurt or piss off anyone who threatens those people. His arms make perfect crevaces to cuddle into when he holds me, and he always remembers and puts his family and friends first. Chris is a friend to everyone and foe only to those who envy how incredible a person he is.
How can that guy with the mullet have so many friends?
Thats not a guy, thats Chris Rieman.
by satchelqueen December 13, 2010
A crazy ass guy that went to your highschool.
Chris was the craziest kid I remember, like that one time he got a referral for splashing in a puddle. Or the other time he got suspended for dipping a tampon in red soda!
by anonqq January 21, 2009
God of the human race. Most respected human walking the face of the earth. Best trumpet player there is.
He's just like a Chris! He's hot and sexy too!
by raNdomized September 21, 2008
A really hot teddy bear.
A: Do you like to cuddle with him?
B: Yea, he's a Chris.
by Randombeauty465 October 04, 2014
Chris is an amazing guy. Someone who is honest and great. Will always treat you right and never do anything to hurt you. Girls like him easily because of how nice and cute he is. He likes girls easily but only loves one girl and will never cheat. Has an amazing smile and best personality. Love God and his family too. The best boyfriend someone could ever wish for.
Man who is that cute sweet go at church?
oh its just Chris like the most amazing guy ever.
by CRNJC820 August 31, 2010
The most amazing, beautiful, guy in the world.
He has incredible eyes, a smile that makes you weak in the knees, and a body like woaaaah.

He also is always with this girl who's really ugly and bitchy who is just terrible. She thinks she's all that but in reality she's not.

But he is loved by a girl who is willing to accept his flaws, and is willing to wait for him to ditch the other girl, so ladies, stay away from this one! XD
He's such a Chris, he can't stick with one girl for long... I hope I'm next!

Why can't there be more Chris's in the world?
by lonelymusicalhippiesoulchild June 25, 2010

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