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The only guy in the world i have ever felt this way about. It's true love and he is amazing. He is the sweetest guy i have ever met and i couldnt ask for a better guy in my life. He is adorable and has the most amazing curly hair. Anyone that would ever pass up a guy like this is insanely crazy. He makes me laugh more than anyone else in the entire world and i can spend hours just talking to him and never running out of things to say. He is beautiful on the inside and out and if you ever have a Chris losing it would be the worst possible thing to ever happen to anyone. He has this power to make any girl that he gives time to feel like you really mean something to someone and its the best feeling ever imagined. I love you Chris <3
See the guy over there, he is amazing and mine.....Thats my Chris get your own bitches...!!!
by StimpylovesRen March 03, 2011
81 80
A man who loves his guns and busch light. He likes to ride on his prowler and cause trouble. He likes to party with his uncle. He has a good sense of humor.
Chris goes to party with his uncle on the weekends
by kayyyna April 14, 2013
3 3
A type of guy who knows how to make a person's day, and is a really sweet, funny guy who tells awesome stories. They could be talking about what they ate for breakfast and it would still be super interesting. Also super good at cello and mafia and at life. Although he may deny it, he is pro at cello and will be first chair in whatever orchestra he joins. He also thinks he's an alpha male so don't try and contradict what he says. He also loves cuddling in princess blankets and sleeping. He's always the best kind of person to be around and loves hanging out with his stand partner because she is just such a hot and amazing girl. He's also a major stud who gets all the ladies and drives his car with the windows rolled down and his ray bans on. Meeting and getting to know him will be one of the best experiences of your life! He is an awesome listener and will listen to every rant or venting session you have. When he gives you advice, he means it and is such a caring loving guy. Even if you don't get to see him often, you would be lucky to even have a chance to meet a guy like this. A cute girl out there loves him very very very much and couldn't ask for a better friend(:
chris: rawr
by cutestgirlever January 10, 2013
17 17
chris is the fucking gangster of all gangsters. he has a big weiner and likes to fuck bitches and get money. he has swag alright? he doesnt need one bitch because he is also a pimp ass motherfucker. he is also apart of meek mill gang. MMG. He's hot. Every bitch wants to have butt sex with him. hes just that fucking incredibe
1. Nikol: Yo chris is so fucking hot
2. Dan:did you hear about that new album from chris gang?
3. john: i heard chris ass fucked 3 chicks at one time
dylan: hes that amazing john
4. Dequan: Dont shit yourself or chris will fuck your ass up
by Greg killion January 09, 2013
4 4
A Chris will always know how to make you laugh, whether it's with something completely ridculous he says or with his adorable smile. One look into his gorgeous green eyes and you'll be hooked, no doubt. He's not always a fan of cuddling, but what he lacks in cuddle skills he certainly makes up for in bed *wink wink*. He loves giving kisses and will cover you with them if you're lucky enough to snatch one up. If you do catch one, (good luck, Chris is 6'2" so he can probably run faster than you) expect to be swept off your feet.
Girl 1: Whoa, is that Chris you have?
Girl 2: Yeah, he's all mine. HANDS OFF.
by peaches-182 January 01, 2013
5 5
Chris is the sweetest thing to walk the earth. Hes gorgeous, he melts your heart with everything he says and no matter what, you cant be mad at him. He makes everything better and is someone you can always turn to and is easy to talk to. You can always trust a Chris with anything. Chris's are really good at basket ball and love to skateboard on their free time. They like to be around people and your very lucky if you have one in your life. Chris's are tall, have dark hair, brown eyes, and joke around alot. They are adorable and will mean the world to you. Once you meet one, they'll never be off your mind. Their texts will make you smile for hours, and they are all around perfect. There's really no words to describe a Chris other than someone very special in your life.
That boy is perfect.

No, that boy is Chris:] <3
by the real BAM November 24, 2012
9 9
He is the best guy ever. When you first meet him your heart will melt and you'll get butterflies in your stomach :). He has the most beautiful green eyes ever with brown hair that you can just run your fingers through.He is also very sexy. I fell for him right when I saw him. He well make you crack up even at the stupidest stuff. He may hurt you but he doesn't try. I love him with all my heart.
Friend: Omg who is that? He is fine.
Me: Oh that's my boyfriend Chris.
by cmec November 16, 2012
4 4