He is the fattest person who walks into McDonald's. All the other fat people see him as a god. All the the skinny people see him as a kid with type 2 diabetes. every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner Chris does the 50 Mcnugget challenge.
Yo, that has to be a Chris

It is the god Chris!
by Swagolish May 10, 2015
Chris is the sweetest thing to walk the earth. Hes gorgeous, he melts your heart with everything he says and no matter what, you cant be mad at him. He makes everything better and is someone you can always turn to and is easy to talk to. You can always trust a Chris with anything. Chris's are really good at basket ball and love to skateboard on their free time. They like to be around people and your very lucky if you have one in your life. Chris's are tall, have dark hair, brown eyes, and joke around alot. They are adorable and will mean the world to you. Once you meet one, they'll never be off your mind. Their texts will make you smile for hours, and they are all around perfect. There's really no words to describe a Chris other than someone very special in your life.
That boy is perfect.

No, that boy is Chris:] <3
by the real BAM November 24, 2012
the name for the most absolutely perfect man in the entire world,he makes you want to spend the rest of ur life with him every time he speaks to you and he makes the stupidest things hillarious,usually comes with a super sexxy tanned body,a hot aussie accent,beautiful blue eyes,perfect lips, a GIGANTIC COCK and a cute lisp to top it all off,tends to have great jobs like scientist or kangaroo racer and will soon be married more than likely,if you find a chris,NEVER LET HIM GO
i love chris,he is absolutely pefect,im gonna marry him,i swear
by sammyluvsaussieboy July 20, 2012
Chris is an extrodinary guy who is like no others. He is not just the typical guy you meet. He brings laughter and light into many people's lives and has an extremely well sense of himself. He is known for being very intense at times, but can also be very silly. He is immensely unique in the way he dresses and acts, which also adds to making him even more unforgettable. Someone named Chris is usually an incredible musician, person, and boyfriend.

If you have Chris, you better hold onto him because he is very rare, truly loyal and compassionate. He will also tell you whatever is on his mind.

Note: Guys named Chris typically have very intense chemistry with girls named Megan. (Especially ones with blonde hair who enjoy coffee and dancing.)
Megan: You're my Chris
by meg593 December 28, 2010
best guy at under-the-influence sex. will never need viagra. Also, sometimes loves to scare kids with chainsaws. has a very attractive tush
chainsaw noise...
there's chris
by uhhhh12345678989 June 13, 2011
A man who is very seductive and suave; a true gentleman
That guy is such a Chris, he gets all the girls.
by Rusty Schacklefurt July 06, 2010
A loving human being that is unque in every way. Usually can't get girls on the first try,but gets a girl that every guy wants. Not every guy wants to be chris..but he's special in his own way. Usually very tall but obnoxous. And can emotionally hurt you...but does'nt mean to hurt you.
Maddie: I met a guy named chris last night!
Kellly: I wish i was you!
by wenis buddy :) <3 October 25, 2011
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