A chris is someone whos a bitch
Hey hey what do you look like a hoe hell no you sit in the chris.
by tricell March 18, 2009
A person with extremely scaly and bumpy skin, makes jokes about halo and Call of Duty 4, and is obsessed with one girl
OMG! Is that a lizard!? Oh, wait, its just Chris
by ram123 March 18, 2009
An annoying person often described as half human half rat, known to have small penises and gay hair. Wanders the sewers mating with other vermin.
Johnny: "What the fuck is that in my room, is that a rat?"

Mike: "That's just a Chris"
by fagchops January 05, 2010
a Foul Gypsy.

It's a sin against God to:
-help him
-love him
-smell him
- and tie his shoes
" You're a stinkin' Chris."
by TheWorldMayNeverKnow** February 26, 2009
An idiot who can't spell
dude 1 - haha he failed the english test
dude 2 - he must be a chris
by Eric da boob August 26, 2008
A Christopher (or a Chris) is someone who wears red cardigans, goes to shows, & aims their legs in 90 degree angles. Sports a curly hairdo & is taller than 90% of the population.
- Is Chris going to the show?
- Obviously.
by danielaa March 18, 2007
Just horrible. He fails more than anybody. He tries to fit in, but he just cant manage to stop failing.
Dude, that guy's name must be Chris.
by Ssgoku_012 January 16, 2009

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