A emo stoner kid who lives in TS with other dirt kids an is a tree that Julia screws.
Jones: look Julia Chris is trying to be a Tree! Go fetch!

Julia: Ruff
by LOLORLY?!?! June 26, 2009
A slang word used to describe a man with two assholes. Most commonly used as an insult.
Woah man, i heard about that guy, apparently he has two assholes!

Haha yeah, what a Chris.
by Unknown...... November 13, 2007
Someone who loves to get drunk, because they think it makes them cool. Also stalks girls who hate already hate them because he is in love with them. Overall creepy.
Person #1: Chris is so stupid, he thinks he's cool because he has a drink in his hand.
Person #2: He just looks stupid.
by biscuits45 June 29, 2009
1. Someone who has the tendency to forget where they placed the most practical and mundane belongings.
2. One who loses things easily.
"Dude, Chris left his wallet at my house AGAIN"

"lol, such a chris thing to do"
by pnguyen December 14, 2007
1. Steals thier friends drinks

2. Gets mortal will not admit it

3. Laughs at the saying 'Chocolate Pudding!'
1. 'Who stole my drink, who pulled a chris'

2. a. 'Are you chrissed'
b. 'No, im totally sober'

by Amie! February 03, 2008
A selfish, gold-digging, hateful, gossiping, lying, vengeful, dangerous, and/or psychopathic female with bi polar tendencies.
My boyfriends ex wife is such a chris
by vacant October 25, 2008
selfish cheap hateful mooching lying brokeass cuntfuck fatso who gives stinkin' origami homemade RINGs. HAHAHA OMFG. Get real bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Chris coked that skeeze up then screwed the fucking hell out of her!!!!!"

Is she pregnant?


Wonder why.
by *her musband* March 17, 2009

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