The most amazing woman in the world, fabulous in her own very unique way. You have to love her, she has beauty and sheer talent. She is also very loving and passionate, the best person to love, were love will be retuned as well from her strong and loving heart.
I'm so glad my best friend is a Chris.
by Aryn Mahree May 21, 2011
creepy name for stalkers who stalk their mates gf/bf and ask retarded questions (where is your touch spot) and insist on constantly annoying the stalkee... they also like to partake in the activity of cumming in shoes
Geeze that guy is such a chris, he just asked me where my touch spot is.

yeah he also cums in shoes
by tomisastrawberry September 23, 2010
tall light skinned boy that has a nice personality but a smart ass mouth. he usually loves to dance but he cant dance worth shit
hell naw i dnt wanna dance wit that boy hes a chris
by sexy female jazzy fiz April 28, 2009
Chris is a person who cannot hold his liquor.
Dude he pulled a chris and threw up all over the floor.
by coolguy5 August 08, 2011
A man who's defined as a "player". He has no regard for woman's feelings, and is typically an asshole.
Mary: Dude, Chris just asked me out last night. He said that I was the only girl for him...but I said that I'll give him an answer later.
Martha: Really? He asked me out last night too...and I said yes.
by 1234eucalyptus November 14, 2010
Guy ( HOPEFULLY ). Plays sports , and won't hit girls. Hates Pervs and always mistaken for gay ( means happy :D) always thretened and picked on. Won't hit girls cuz he says that he is being a genlteman but some say he is being a gentlewoman. Mostly quiet and everybody says he is EMO.

" Hey is that guy over there gay "

" Oh him!? Thats Chris. Every one thinks that but nodody knows for sure "
by ShayKates March 30, 2010
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