Someone who ruins jokes. A fuck up. A League of Legends playing, tank top wearing, freshmen dating, skeeze.
Bryan: Hey guys. Mrs. Cook sure doesn't care about world hunger.

Random Guy: It's funny cause she is fat.

Bryan: Way to ruin the joke, Chris.
by Xavier Judos July 05, 2011
A smelly old man who sings Taylor Swift songs in alphabetical order while watching the Wild Thorn Berrys.
Typical, Chris is sitting home again.
by BOOPLOOP April 27, 2011
An amazing guy, Incredibly sweet. Tall, Blonde hair, Blue eyes. funny, and is beast at Rock Band. Closest man to perfection you will ever get. Will make you fall in love once you get to know him. Seems quiet and shy at first glance, But is the exact opposite when you get to know him.
by babygurl222467357isinlove July 12, 2011
Adjective used to describe someone who is lazy, always complains about anything, and does not leave facebook for more than a few minutes. Someone who always complains about being tired and never has any time to do anything and has a very small weiner.
Person 1: Hey, let's do something tonight.
Person 2: I'm too tired and I got homework to do and I got to work and I just don't have time do anything.
Person 3: You are pulling a chris right now.
by BackupBandits1 February 17, 2012
a man who is totally do-able!
christy: woah did you see that guy tonight?
phoebe: yeah he's such a chris! what a root...
by January 31, 2008
The most amazing woman in the world, fabulous in her own very unique way. You have to love her, she has beauty and sheer talent. She is also very loving and passionate, the best person to love, were love will be retuned as well from her strong and loving heart.
I'm so glad my best friend is a Chris.
by Aryn Mahree May 21, 2011
A fucking dickhead who no one likes, no matter what he always thinks that his friends will love him no matter what, stalks girls as well, what a knob.
Girl:Fuck off.
Chris:haha funny joke!
by loltrain69 August 29, 2011

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