A SUPER AWESOME PERSON. Usually, they do not realize just how awesome they are. They can make anyone laugh or smile just by being around them. They're the chillest guys you'll ever meet and one of the only guys who will surprise you with things like... letters :D you'll never be the same once you meet a chris!
Wow theyre really cool! Almost as cool as chris but not quite because that level is impossible!
by Italians Rule March 09, 2012
A man that is extremely fat and chubby. However he is often a very jolly person to be around. He is either a love or hate person.
That man is a Chris.
by A Big Bonus September 29, 2011
Chris is a character. never knows what he wants till its to late. is not good with commitment. but is very good at sex. knows exactly what a girl wants physically but not emotionally. needs a push in the right direction most of the time. but has a good heart. tends to fall for the hard headed bitches.
by littlemermaid13 September 06, 2011
Girls love Chris's, though most of them arent what you expect. Most are big huge liars, unattractive in many ways, and are big players. Some Chris's can be the hottest thing around, be very funny, and make you laugh your head off.
Person 1: Did you see that guy? He is a biggg liarr!

Person 2: Yeah he looked like a Chris, you can tell by the way he plays those girls
by lalala33333 August 08, 2011
Chris is a complete NARCISSIST... he has an inordinate fascination with himself. He believes that he and his friends are better than anyone and everyone around them. GOLD DIGGER also comes to mind.
I met this guy, he's great and loves himself, but he doesn't like to work.

Was his name Chris?

Surprise! He made me pay for EVERYthing too! What a man!
by iwk4aliving March 31, 2011
(a) A brilliant, perfectly shaped penis sometimes sold on the black market.
exp1."John Holmes had quite the chris on him."

"Yeah,you dont see many people with chris like that anymore."

exp2."Im telling you girl that boy has some good chris!"
by ghettomomalover February 02, 2010
An amazing graffiti artist, pianist, rapper, and singer. He is sweet, funny, and very laid back. Every girl, and boy, loves to be around him because he is just that amazing.
Girl: Im so sad and down
*Chris walks by smelling of rainbows and cupcakes*
Girl: I feel so warm and fuzzy inside now!
Boy: *nose bleed*
by TAChehehe January 21, 2013

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