Someone you can always trust and confide in, very sexual, usually married and has kids, handsome, buff and kick ass, great body guard
Chris is married :(
by Ganstagreelzz August 03, 2011
Chris is a complete NARCISSIST... he has an inordinate fascination with himself. He believes that he and his friends are better than anyone and everyone around them. GOLD DIGGER also comes to mind.
I met this guy, he's great and loves himself, but he doesn't like to work.

Was his name Chris?

Surprise! He made me pay for EVERYthing too! What a man!
by iwk4aliving March 31, 2011
Causing all your friends, beyond all doubt, to believe with utmost certainty that the words you are speaking are 100% true and factual. Usually used in relation to killing the mood for jokes.
Me: I need a car bj.
Chris: I've had a lot of friends die in car crashes, and that was one of them.
Me: Huh, way to kill my hopes.
Chris: I think its funny you people still believe me.
Me: God damnit he pulled a Chris.
by Darth_Renatus February 10, 2012
Fluffy. (Childish, Pure)
Chris is just so Fluffy. I wish more of my friends were like Chris.
by Brison;) December 30, 2011
A guy with a below average dick, but it's ok because he has an above average anus that is often plugged by his butt buddy Dillon....
Oh man that guy chris has a small dick but damn he is getting slammed in the anus!
by Dr.Raab October 05, 2011
A term given to gay guys, who have small cocks high voices and LOVE it up the ass. Thinks he's strait but everyone knows he's gay. He is a try hard but 100% of the time he fails. No pubes, walks talks and acts like a girl. Pussies out at everything.
Guy 1: did you see that guy last night who was grinding on me? Who the fuck was that?
Guy 2: oh shit man that has to be chris.

Guy 1: dude your pulling a chris right now
Guy 2: shit dude fucking take it back.
by random chicks June 04, 2011
A smelly old man who sings Taylor Swift songs in alphabetical order while watching the Wild Thorn Berrys.
Typical, Chris is sitting home again.
by BOOPLOOP April 27, 2011

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