sweet. gentleman. brown hair. brown eyes. funny. cute. sexy. intelligent. hot. nice. amazing. chick magnet. talented.
Girl 1): He's cute!!!
Girl 2): Yeah... but he's not chris.
girl 3): What are you talking about? He has chris eyes!
by ualiemeehc May 15, 2010
A guy that is unlike any other human being. He occasionally talks to himself and likes his own Facebook statuses. He is a guy that does not like beans or feet but loves the color orange. He is one of the few people who can get away with doing "The Sprinkler" or "Running Man" at a party and even through all his weirdness, people still seem to love him.
"That guy is nuts, he's definitely a Chris!"
by Am-burr February 08, 2010
(a) A brilliant, perfectly shaped penis sometimes sold on the black market.
exp1."John Holmes had quite the chris on him."

"Yeah,you dont see many people with chris like that anymore."

exp2."Im telling you girl that boy has some good chris!"
by ghettomomalover February 02, 2010
An amazing graffiti artist, pianist, rapper, and singer. He is sweet, funny, and very laid back. Every girl, and boy, loves to be around him because he is just that amazing.
Girl: Im so sad and down
*Chris walks by smelling of rainbows and cupcakes*
Girl: I feel so warm and fuzzy inside now!
Boy: *nose bleed*
by TAChehehe January 21, 2013
Generally a two-faced faggot liar who says he will do something and blow it off. Only uses girls to his advantage because he has nothing going for him. Once a girl gets close they will run away because he's a piece of shit. It's easier to know a chris from distance because they will say just about anything but never back it up. Usually only a good friend, but not a good lover or relationship person. They will suck you dry for all your worth then shit on you in the end. You think you can trust a chris but you are only doing yourself harm. They are really doing some two-faced shit behind your back and you don't even know it.
-"Wow she was with him for two years?"
-"Yep and he was cheating on her the whole time"
-"And why does she feel bad"?
-"Because he's a chris"
by BestGuyEverPeriod. July 01, 2012
The sexiest bitch around and he is all mine. SWAG is so sick, always imitated - never duplicated. Comes off as a bad ass, (it's the hair) but is really a twinkie on the inside. LOVES to play poker and win. Never bluffs both in life and his cards, but is always careful not to play every hand. Has mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful lips, and the softest hands. Has the kindest heart and is the most genuine of all people he associates with. He can be a little hot tamale, and isnt one to be effed with, but after you get past that, he is a kind, loving teddy bear. Chris is unforgettable, and very genuine. He at times can clog toilets but will clean up his mess, he loves subway, and will kick your bitch ass any day up and down the court in basket ball. I love Chris, and he is the only one I ever want to be with forever. X1X
"Isn't dude rocking the same outfit you wore out to the club last week?"

........"Maaaannnnn, he just Chrissed you."
by IIIIXIXIIII October 22, 2011
Someone you can always trust and confide in, very sexual, usually married and has kids, handsome, buff and kick ass, great body guard
Chris is married :(
by Ganstagreelzz August 03, 2011

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